This Endangered Species Day, we’re helping to spread the word about animals all over the world that are on the brink of extinction. From tigers and pandas, through to polar bears and gorillas. The human race is destroying this planet, and hundreds of species are paying the ultimate price.



We’ve created the above mosaic. For every share this video gets on Facebook, we’re going to donate 20p to the WWF, World Wide Fund for Nature*. Find out what the WWF does, or to make a further donation, click here.

UPDATE: We have now made our Endangered Species Day donation to WWF! Since this video was made, giant pandas are no longer endangered, but they are still vulnerable.


Walls and Floors: Helping to save the rain forests

Here at Walls and Floors, we’re proud to work with CO2Count and Cool Earth to make a difference to the future of our place, endangered wildlife and forests to make the loves of the indigenous people who live there better.




With donations like ours from CO2Count, Cool Earth secures rainforest which would otherwise be destroyed over the next 18 months. It also puts the money in a local trust and makes the communities there the legal custodians of this land.

Through community rangers and satellite imagery, Cool Earth monitor and protect the rainforest from any illegal activity around the clock, and enables the indigenous communities to earn a better income through sustainable employment programmes.


Wood effect tiles: An alternative to deforestation

As you might expect, the majority of hard-wood flooring and laminate requires the cutting down of trees. Sadly, these are still popular flooring options across the UK. However, here at Walls and Floors, we offer a fantastic alternative to natural wood. Often made from porcelain, Wood Effect Tiles are extremely durable, and they don’t scratch and mark as easily as natural wood! HD photography of natural wood is printed onto the tiles; giving you an exact likeness of real wood, but without any trees being harmed!




Recycled glass mosaics: What are the benefits?

Walls and Floors have taken in several ranges of mosaic tiles that are made from 98% recycled glass. Among them is the Pizzazz mosaic tile range. Recycling glass is a great benefit to our planet, and to natural habitats!

For one thing, the energy it takes to recycle glass is far lesser than the energy required to produce glass from scratch. Recycling just one bottle will save enough energy to power a television for 1.5 hours.

Not only this, but recycling glass also cuts CO2, which is the main cause of Global Warming (the reason the ice caps are melting – endangering hundreds of species, such as polar bears). Every 1,000 tonnes of glass that we recycle prevents a whopping 314 tonnes of CO2.




Recycling glass helps reduce the need for the quarrying of raw materials, which helps to preserve the countryside (and the homes of hundreds of species). It also helps to reduce the need for landfill, which also helps to cut down the amount of countryside that is dug it and destroyed.


Sobering Endangered Species Day facts: How many are left in the wild?

Tiger – 3,200 left in the wild – Endangered

Giant pandas – 1,864 left in the wild – Endangered

Amur leopards – 70 left the wild – Critically Endangered

Snow leopards – 4,000 left in the wild – Endangered

Mountain gorillas – 880 left in the wild – Critically Endangered


*The total donation from the Facebook video shares will be capped at £100.00. Video share counting will stop at midnight on 20/05/2016.






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