Cyber Monday 2013 is here! To celebrate its arrival, we're hosting a fantastic promotion over on our twitter page! Starting from 9am, we're hosting a special offer every hour on the hour! There will be twelve of these fantastic deals, completely exclusive to our twitter page. At 8pm, there will be a special surprise...


cyber Monday twitter offers




Here's a list of our fantastic Cyber Monday 2013 offers. Get the discount codes over on our twitter channel...


9.00 am - £10 off Patchwork Mosaic Effect Tiles

At nine in the morning this Cyber Monday, we're starting with an eye-catching wall tile; perfect for creating a striking feature in your home. The Patchwork Mosaic Effect Tile is extremely unique, and will definitely capture the imagination of your guests. With a load of different textures and designs, this stylish and contemporary range is very versatile; it's not limited to the kitchen or bathroom - it would look equally as good in a bedroom or other living area. It comes in four different colours, so there's something for everybody!


10.00am - £10 off Country Farmhouse Multicolour Tiles

Bring the sought-after natural look to your home with the help of these gorgeous Country Farmhouse Multicolour Tiles. With a mixture of bold reds and browns, this range is guaranteed to add some character to those dull and neglected floors! Enjoy £10.00 off when you spend £100 on this range! Hop over to twitter for the code!


11.00am - £10 off Antique Crackle Tiles

Bring the vintage look into your home with the help of these Antique Crackle Metro Tiles. They have a crackled finish; making them look old. This fits in perfectly with the popular shabby chic trend. They will give real definition to your walls.


12.00pm - £10 off Atlas Wood Effect Tiles

These stunning and realistic Atlas Wood Effect tiles are full of character! They have an authentic print design; made to look like an old world atlas. Each tile has a different segment of map on it. It will certainly create a talking point in your room, and will look good on the floors throughout your home!


1.00pm - £10 off Borneo Cladding Effect Tiles

Achieve a striking and contemporary look in your home with the simple addition of these Borneo Cladding Effect Tiles! With a stunning splitface design, they have the appearance of natural slate. However, unlike slate, they do not carry all the cost and do not require the treatment that natural slate requires. The staggered levels of these tiles will bring your walls to life!


2.00pm - £10 off Iridis Iridescent Mosaic Tiles

Create a charming look in your home with these gorgeous Iridis Iridescent Mosaic Tiles! As their name suggests, they have a striking iridescent finish - which enchantingly changes colour as you move around the room. They will add some real magic to those dull and drab walls. They're also very versatile - not only do they look great in the kitchen, but they also look fantastic in the bathroom!


3.00pm - £10 off Mediterranean Marble Effect Tiles

Bring the natural look to your walls and floors without all the expensive, with these stunning Mediterranean Marble Effect Tiles. With an extremely realistic blended effect and veined design, your guests won't know the difference between this and natural marble! For best results, mix them with the eye-catching Accord Mosaic Tiles that sit in the same range!


4.00pm - £10 of Lito Tiles

This stunning rectangular mosaic tile recently featured on Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover, on ITV1! It's a mosaic effect tile, with an extremely realistic stone design - giving an expensive look and feel. It will catch the eye of your guests. Get £10.00 off on orders over £100. Head over to our twitter page for the code!


5.00pm - 20% Adhesives andGrouts

We can't go forgetting about those Adhesives and Grouts, can we? They're absolutely crucial to a tiling project! Adhesives for sticking the tiles into place, and grout for filling in the gaps! This Cyber Monday, we're giving away a whopping 20% on all Adhesives and Grouts! Make good use of this.


6.00pm - £10 off Zellij Tiles

Put a statement floor in your home with these stunning Arabesque Zellij Tiles. They have a unique and eye-catching design; guaranteed to bring character to a room. Your walls can be as plain as your like, when you have a floor tile like this! It has a very stylish Moroccan design.


7.00pm - £10 off Laura Ashley Tiles

That's right - we're giving a discount across our entire selection of Laura Ashley Tiles. Whether you're a fan of contemporary floral range Isadore, or you're more drawn towards the rust-effect Artisan brick-shaped tiles, you can make good use of this fantastic offer! Laura Ashley is one of the most famous and world-renowned designer labels in the world. Why not bring a piece of it into your home, this New Year?


8.00pm - Cyber Monday - 5% off all orders over £150

You read correctly. At 8pm this Cyber Monday, we're giving away 5% on all orders over £150! No matter what you order - wall tiles, floor tiles, some mosaics, a splashback - a bunch of adhesives and grout - as long as your order costs £150 or more, you can get 5% off when you use this code! Make sure you head over to twitter to take full advantage of it.



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