February Half Term is #DIYweek

The half term school holiday has arrived, and the kids are off term for a whole week! No more school runs. No more packed lunches. No more helping out with homework. It’s the perfect time to crack on with those decorating projects – the ones you’ve been putting off for months! The walls that need painting. The floor that needs tiling. The shed roof that needs re-felting. The flatpack wardrobe you bought last June and have gotten round to assembling yet. Without the hassle of the school routine to slow you down, you can crack on with these projects! And you’ll even have a little helper in the form of your kid! They can pass you the screwdriver you need. ‘No not that one, the pozi. The cross head! The one with the crossed head! Never mind, I’ll get it myself.’

tiling process

Make the right decorating choices this #DIYweek

When it comes to decorating a wall or floor, it’s essential that you make the right decorating choice. For example, wallpaper is all well and good, but it fades over time, and can peel in the corner. Paint is a semi-affordable option, too. But you can usually see the brush marks, and the odd bristle too will inevitably come loose and lay entrapped under the coating forever.

When turning your thoughts to the floor area, there are poor choices to be made there, too. Vinyl, for example. Unless you go for really expensive stuff and have it expertly fitted, vinyl is an appalling floor covering. The edges always arch upwards, and air bubbles always find their way underneath; bulging out in the middle of your floor space. And no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to stamp them out. Often, the bubble will split open of its own accord. Tiles are a much more robust option. Once fixed in place, they stay in place. #VanishTheVinyl

We know that wood effects are all the rage right now, as they fit in with the raw materials trend, but laminate flooring is not the way to realise wood effect in your home. It scratches easily, it tents upwards, and if you spill water on it, it bulges and blisters around the edges – instantly ruining the wood effect. Not that it’s much of a wood effect – it’s not a high definition image of real wood printed onto the surface using the latest inkjet technology (which our wood effect tiles often are). And if this hideous blistering takes place in the middle of the room, because the laminate planks are all inter-locked, you’ll need to remove every plank you laid after the one affected to get to it. Which, of course, means stripping your room bare. If, in the unlikely event that a tile became damaged, it’s simply a case of cutting it free and replacing that one tile. #LoseTheLaminate

Thinking about laying carpet? Don’t get us started on carpet! For one thing, it’s one of the most expensive types of floor covering around. For another, you have to fit it in one piece – which, to get right, is no mean feat – often requiring the use of a professional carpet fitter, and doubling the expense of your project. But expense aside, think about the stain-ability of carpets. One clumsy, semi-drunken friend and a glass of red wine, and that’s it – new carpet please. Although, if you’ve got any sense, you’ll ask for a replacement of tiles, instead. If you get wine, or muddy paw prints, or your toddler’s felt tip pen, on tiles, you can simply wipe them clean. #ClearOutTheCarpet

A helping hand with DIY tiling

If you’re tackling a complicated tiling project, it may be advisable to contact a local tiler. There are some very professional tilers with some very reasonable rates. However, if you’re a confident DIYer, and it’s a relatively straightforward tiling project, and you’d like to give it a go yourself, then good for you! To give you some pointers and to help you on your way, we’ve made a series of helpful How To Video video guides. In them, our friendly and profession tiler takes you through various tiling processes, one step at a time. They start off with basics like how to tile a wall, or how to tile a floor – going through the layout, and then the adhesive process, and finally the grouting. But then they move into other important areas, like how to waterproof a shower area, how to seal natural stone, how to seal your kitchen or bathroom after tiling, how to use a manual or electric tile cutter, etc. Whatever your query, our How To Tile videos should tick it off. But if they don’t, just give us a shout on twitter! Use the hashtag #AskATiler with your query, and we’ll get back to you. So you have no excuses not to get those tiling projects finished this #DIYweek, because you have all the help and expertise you need, at your disposal.

The right tools for the job

Have you got all the tools you need, to take on your tiling job? Spacers, for setting the tiles apart? A cutter, for getting the tiles down to size? Adhesive, grout? A trowel, for spread the adhesive? A sponge for wiping the excess grout off with? Underfloor heating, if you’re treating yourself?The correct sealants, if you’re working with natural stone or crackle glazed products?  If not, fear not! Pay a visit to our Toolshed, and we’ll sort you out. We have everything you need to undertake a tiling project, at incredibly low prices.

A fantastic deal

Throughout February, we’ve extended our Sale! In our Extended Sale, you’ll find more than 2,000 stylish tile designs – all with up to 80% off! So whether you’re looking for brick-shaped, modernistic metro tiles for your kitchen, stylish stone effects for your bathroom, captivating Moroccan Arabesque patterns for your living area, or warm, rich, realistic wood effects for your bedroom, you’ll find it all right there in our Sale. Not only can you get up to 80% off across a fantastic selection of stylish tile ranges, but you’ll also get Free Delivery on orders over £99!

What project and you taking on this #DIYweek? Are you losing the laminate, vanishing the vinyl, or clearing out the carpet and going for tiles this Feb? Let us know over on Facebooktwitter or Google+, or leave a comment below.



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