Finding your style this Christmas: 7 weeks to go!

This autumn/winter, in the build up to Christmas, we here at Walls and Floors are going to help you create a home you’ll love to live in this festive period – one week at a time. Last week, we took a look at Getting Your Home Ready For Christmas. We looked at our New Tile Brochure, we looked at our special offers, and we talked about our fantastic #DeckTheHalls competition, where you can win back the cost of your tiles! This week, we’re going to look at finding that perfect style for your home. We’re going to take you through some of the latest trends, show you some of our favourite decorating projects from past customers, and introduce you to some inspiring Pinterest boards. You’ll have tonnes of interior design ideas, kitchen ideas, bathroom ideas, bedroom ideas and living room ideas in no time!


The Biggest Interior Design Trends, Moving into Next Year

If you’ve managed to grab a copy of our new brochure yet, you may have noticed that there are several trends peppered throughout it. These trends are absolute winners this winter, going forward into next year. So why not invite them into your home? Here’s a brief summary:

1) Indigo Rush 

This trend focuses on creating an exquisite look by mixing together various geometrical, oriental and traditional designs; consisting of shades of indigo, navy and white. It started on the catwalks of some of the world’s biggest fashion houses, and quickly made its way into the home; transforming dull, drab interiors into beautiful, eye-catching pieces of art. An excellent example of this trend in action is shown here, with the Devotion Gloss Hexagon Tiles from our selection of Affaire Hexagon Tiles. Note they consist of various different oriental, geometrical and traditional designs; sticking to base-tones of white, indigo and navy.

affaire hexagon tiles

2) Stunning Temper

This trend is the first to welcome surreal experimentation with materials and forms; which results in a wonderfully quirky finish. To achieve Stunning temper in your home, simply combine powerful, striking or bold monochrome surfaces with textured areas. For example, you could mix our captivating Zeinah Tiles (a collection of magnificent Moroccan patchwork floor tiles) with our Jannah Wood Effect Tiles (which are alive with a lifelike wood grain texture), as shown in the picture below! But don’t worry if you think it looks a little colourless. There is a fantastic palette associated with this trend, which will allow you to bring the room to life! The playful colour palette includes:  reseta, mandarin, red, raspberry, teal, grey, and apricot.


3) Nature’s Prescription 

This trend is all about feeling that little bit closer to nature. Something we all wish we had the time to do, but don’t always manage to get round to it. Especially in the cold winter months when it’s just too chilly to take a walk around a country park, or a stroll through the woods. Invite the illusion of raw materials into your interiors; wood effects and stone effects. Below, we have a mix of our Rokkakkei Hexagon Tiles (which consist of stony greys, corrugated textures and tree ring designs), and our Vintage Wood Plank Tiles, which come in a variety of colours, and have a realistic wood grain effect.

rokkakkei hexagon tiles

4) Retro Residence

Want to create a stylish, groovy and upmarket appearance in your living room or bedroom? Look to the past. This trend draws its inspiration from the sixties and seventies; an era where interior design consisted of warming hues, unique furnishings and blocks of colour; not forgetting the occasional element of texture. Bring a warm, nostalgic feeling into your home this season. Using a stone finish on the floor grounds this playful appearance; giving the room an organic and urbane finish, so you’re still able to relax and unwind, and don’t feel overpowered by the colours around you. Here, we have used our stone effect Gorgon Tiles.

retro residence

Some of our favourite customer projects: Get inspired this Christmas

We love it when customers send in before and after pics of their tiling projects. We love seeing the transformations that our tiles have made possible. We occasionally host competitions where customers can send in their before and after pics, and we pick our favourite transformation to win back the cost of their tiles! As you may be aware, we’re hosting one of these competitions right now! It’s called #DeckTheHalls with Walls and Floors. But we’ve hosted the competition twice before. These are the winning entries. Take a look. We hope you can draw some inspiration from these incredible transformations.

1) Hayley Sheppard’s Vintage Bathroom

Our first winner, from Summer 2013, invited a striking vintage look into her dated bathroom. She did away with the sickly brown marble, got rid of the plain whites, and removed the linear border tiles. In their place, she created a monochrome vintage wonder; with a Victorian tub, basin and mirror. Onto the floor she put our Oriental Marble Hexagon Tiles, and added White 200×100 Metro Tiles onto the walls; creating a contrast against the black painted skim around the top half of the room.

bathroom ideas for your home

bathroom decorating ideas and tiles

2) Jenny Ousbey’s Industrial En Suite

Our second winner was Jenny Ousbey who, along with her husband, set to work transforming an aged yellow en suite with a lime green toilet seat. The pair had the idea of creating an industrial look in the room; drawing inspiration from old Victorian factories. They introduced our Metro 200×100 Tiles to the walls, and added Victorian Unglazed Hexagon Tiles to the floors. This mix of bevelled brick tiles (which were used in both domestic and commercial settings at the turn of the century) and clay hexagon tiles really brought their vision to life.


They dominated their wall spaces; replacing traditional piping and hot/cold taps with copper pipes and stopper valves. A big interior trend this year, copper is warm and inviting in colour; and perfect for raising the visual temperature. They continued this fantastic addition when they got to the wash basin, and even used a vintage mirror with a leather strap.


When it came to the shower area, they decided to mount the tiles vertically. This is a great way to divide the different sections of a room – change the pattern or layout of the tiles.


Pinterest: A world of interior inspiration

Pinterest is a great place to get some interior design and decorating ideas for your home. It’s full of bright, inspiring images; with tips and decorating tips. We update our Pinterest boards daily; adding helpful infographs, eye-catching room sets, stylish colour palettes and inspiring mood boards.

A trend we touched on earlier in the year is ‘Shanty Chic’ – the idea of bringing a nautical-inspired theme into a bathroom or bedroom. We followed this up with a fantastic mood board on Pinterest. Take a look: Nautical Niceties.

nautical interior design trend

Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of this coastal/seafaring effect, you may be taken in by the warm embrace of wood effect! Piece together a warming, wood-based interior in your home this winter. Alive with knots and a realistic grain effect, our Wood Effect Tiles are the perfect alternative to reclaiming an old wooden floor. Our Pinterest board, ‘Shoulda Wooda Coulda,’ will take you through some of the most stylish options available.

wood effect tiles

Has this helped to inspire you, ready for those Christmas decorating projects? Let us know over on Facebooktwitter or Google+ or leave a comment below!



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