FIXX Electric Underfloor Heating: Exclusive to Walls and Floors

Walls and Floors are excited to introduce our new range of electric underfloor heating, designed specifically for tiles!

Our exclusive range of underfloor heating is designed with a fully adhesive mesh for easy installation, along with twisted twin technology which reduces stress on the cables, making it safer to use.

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Above, FIXX™ 150W Electric Underfloor Heating

Is electric underfloor heating expensive to run?

There is an assumption that electric underfloor heating can be expensive to run, however, the reality is that both the initial installation cost and the ongoing running expenses can represent great value for money, and compared to conventional methods like radiators, it can even help you save on your bills over time.

Above, @the_barrass_abode‘s dog looks super cosy next to their fireplace decorated with our Scintilla Sky Pattern Tiles

The UK government’s plan to hit CO2 emission targets includes banning gas boilers in new builds by 2025. Combine this with the CO2 emission factor for electricity being reduced in the SAP 10 guidelines to align more with gas, makes electric heating look exceptionally appealing and cost efficient.

Above (quote and chart), Thermosphere, Is Electic Underfloor Heating Expensive to Run?

The table above shows that electric underfloor heating, compared to other household items, is not as expensive to run as people might think. Overall, it is cheaper to run electric underfloor heating than it is a washing machine, a kettle or an electric shower!

The use of installation boards can help reduce the cost of electric underfloor heating, as less heat is lost through the substrate when they are used together.

Thermosphere Uncoated Boards are 100% moisture and rot-resistant, with high thermal insulation properties to boost the efficiency of underfloor heating. 

Above, Harran Antique Vintage Blue Pattern Floor Tiles

What temperature does electric underfloor heating need to be at?

Electric underfloor heating provides consistent warmth from the ground up. Traditional heating methods, like radiators, need to be set at a high temperature (between 65 and 75 degrees celsius) to effectively warm up a room, however, underfloor heating only needs to be set at 29 degrees or lower, consuming less energy and saving you money on bills.

Above, Terrazzo Hexagon Mottled Grey Porcelain Tiles

How long does electric underfloor heating last?

When installed correctly, electric underfloor heating requires zero maintenance, and it’s designed to last a lifetime.

Above, @my_grey_place used our Nyans Soft Taupe Wood Effect tiles for the flooring in her stunning kitchen space

Where can electric underfloor heating be installed?

Electric underfloor heating can be installed anywhere that you’re able to get an electrical power supply. It is ideal for installation in irregularly shaped areas as the mesh can be cut to fit around awkward areas like toilets and sinks.

Ideally, the thermostat should be located within the room to be heated, however, as it is floor sensing, it can be installed outside of the room or in a cupboard if necessary. For easy operation and access to controls, we recommend a location that is approximately 1.3m above the floor.

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Above, Salon Porcelain Black Polished Tiles

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Anna Marie Clementson
Anna Marie Clementson