Free Download: Kids Corner Activity Pack

Kids Corner Activity Pack Free Download

Keeping the kids busy throughout the school holidays (and at weekends) can be a bit of a handful. As parents ourselves, we know how much of a relief it can be to find something that helps keep them engaged for an  hour or two. That’s why, to help out our fellow parents, we’ve put together our Kids’ Corner Activity Pack. A downloadable PDF which you can print off, it’s full of fun puzzles, crafty DIY makes and scrummy recipes you can help the children make!

Our Mini Monsters ( five cute, fuzzy critters in various colours) guide you through the Activity Pack. In the pack, you’ll find:

- A word search, where words relating to summer and creativity are hidden in a grid of letters.
- A maze, where your children have to help an ice cream van deliver its goods to the waiting Mini Monsters.
- A puzzle where you have to match the Mini Monsters to their shadows.
- An enormous crossword, focusing on children’s movies – plenty of fun for adults, too!
- A code cracker, where your secret-agents-in-the-making have to decipher a sentence by matching letters to symbols.
- A spot the difference with 10 subtle changes to spot.
- A ‘how to make a Mini Monster’ origami guide.
- A dot-to-dot.
- A colouring in page – just give them a pack of crayons and watch them go!
- A drawing competition, where you child has to draw their very own Mini Monster. Our favourite entry will win a family ticket to Whipsnade Zoo!
- A cut-out Mini Monster mask. Cut it out, apply some string, and transform your child into your very own Mini Monster.
- An easy, no-oven-required recipe for making Rocky Road Cakes.
- A £10 gift card for Walls and Floors.


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