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Compiling trends and tips from our exclusive designer Louisa Charlotte, advice from our technical expert Paul Collins, styling ideas from our head of content Callum Chester, and photos of real-life customer projects, these ebooks offer everything you could need to transform your home and garden this season!

Let's explore our offering of ebooks in a little more detail. And don't forget - they're all completely free to download...


8 Easy Steps For A Spa-Styled Bathroom: Free eBook

The bathroom is the one of the rooms the rooms we're most likely to decorate. It's the space where, at the end of a long day, we can lock ourselves away and unwind in the tub or the shower! So, therefore, it's a popular idea to create a naturalistic, soothing, relaxing scheme in the bathroom.

But - where to start? What comes first when transforming the bathroom into a spa-styled sanctuary? Luckily for us, Louisa Charlotte has created a step by step guide in the 8 Easy Steps For A Spa-Styled Bathroom eBook. Delivering exactly what it promises, this ebook carries you from the start at the planning stage, right through to adding those finishing touches.

Firstly, Louisa helps you carry out an assessment of what you would like to achieve at the end of your bathroom transformation. Next up, she guides you in creating a mood board - either with magazine clippings in a scrap book or with the online scrap book that is Pinterest! This will help you to gather together styles, colours and accessories that you love the look of.

Following this, it's time to make a list of your ideal products: would you like a double vanity unit? A free standing bath? A walk-in shower area? Once you know what main elements you'll have in the bathroom, it's time to start planning around them. Louisa then takes you through the surface selection for the walls and floors, with lots of stylish, classic and trending suggestions for the walls and floors.

Next, there's a quick mention of moisture and heat. Firstly, you might consider installing a bathroom fan to sift out the steam and prevent moisture from effecting your walls and ceilings. Secondly, you might consider some heating options since nobody likes a cold bathroom - underfloor heating, heated towel rails and heated mirrors are all excellent options that are cheaper to run than you might think!

Then comes the research and budget stage. Once you've worked out how much you'd like to spend, Louisa talks you through some great ideas for finding the right products at the right prices, to ensure you get the look you want at the price you want, without having to compromise on style or quality. After some good advice on scheduling the project, it's time for some tips on adding the perfect finishing touches to your bathroom.

Extract: Remember - it doesn’t have to cost thousands to give your new bathroom a spa style, shop around both online and offline, most respected companies have newsletters which not only showcase new interesting products and trends but also include numerous discounts and exclusive offers – it’s worth signing up to these in advance during your research phase.

Download the Free eBook and begin the transformation of your bathroom from dull and dated to soothing and spa-styled!


30 Home Styling Tips: Free eBook

Louisa Charlotte is our exclusive designer here at Walls and Floors. She has her own collection of tiles. Recently, she gave talks on upcoming trends at the Ideal Home Show in London. In the 30 Home Styling Tips eBook, she shares with us a whole host of fabulous decorating ideas for the home and garden!

From tips on colour schemes, through to styling advice for the bathroom, through to design hacks involving mirrors! Not to mention a whole bunch of ideas surrounding patterned focal points. There's even some fab insight on making the most of your garden, including a glimpse at uber-trend 'seamless living'.

Here's an extract: 'If you’re unsure how to decorate your bathroom, try choosing a new set of White Tiles! Not only will this option provide a bright, fresh atmosphere, but also create a blank canvas for you to accessorise with your favourite colours as the seasons change!' 

Download the Free eBook today, and start reading! You'll be transforming the rooms throughout your home (and those outdoors spaces, too, of course) in no time.


6 Amazing Looks For Your Fireplace

If you have a traditional fireplace in your home, you're one of the lucky ones! Lots of them have been bricked up, and most new builds are built without fireplaces! They have artificial chimneys on the rooftops, but no fireplaces inside! So, it's best to make the most of your fireplace by decorating it. And if you don't have a fireplace, but you have a wood burner instead, then there are still some fabulous things you can do to draw the eye to it! A well-dressed fireplace or wood burner can act as the main focal point in a bedroom or living area.

Written by Callum Chester, our 6 Amazing Looks For Your Fireplace eBook is packed full of exciting fireplace ideas, with plenty of inspiration for wood burner owners, too! Consisting mostly of real-life customer project images, this eBook is the ultimate proof that these looks are truly achievable and affordable in the everyday person's home!

Extract: Wouldn't it be lovely to escape the bustle of everyday life and jot off to a relaxing log cabin, out in some luscious and tranquil locale? Whisking yourself away is easy when you have an appropriately dressed fireplace! Introducing a backdrop of rustic wood effect tiles and creating some holding space for chopped logs is really all you need to create a cosy cabin-esque scheme!

So what are you waiting for? Download the Free eBook today and create the fireplace of your dreams.



Callum Chester

Having headed up the content at Walls and Floors since 2012, Callum Chester shares expert advice, trends and home styling imagery with the likes of Ideal Home, Good Homes and Real Homes on a daily basis. An experienced content writer, Callum is also the creator of Design Peach, a blog of 'sweet, bite-sized ideas for the home and garden'