Sometimes, when I get home from work and I look around my house, I notice that certain rooms are beginning to look a little bit dated; I’m starting to get a tad bored of certain spaces in my home. That’s why it’s important to refresh a room every once in a while - to help keep it looking interesting and lively. Here are some ideas for keeping your interiors fresh, using mosaic tiles.




Mosaic tiles: Keep it easy

If we’re talking about a quick and easy update for your home, as opposed to a major facelift, then mosaic tiles are the best way to go. They’re sold by the sheet, so you only buy as much as you need. And, best of all, they come on an easy-to-cut mesh backing, which means you can easily tile around fixtures and fittings such as plug sockets and light switches.


mix mosaic tiles


Create a mosaic tile splashback

For an exceptionally quick update in a bathroom or kitchen, just a couple of mosaic sheets as a splashback! If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘splashback,’ it’s really very simple – it’s an easily wipeable surface that stands behind a sink and catches any specks of water; protecting the wall behind. Pick an interesting mosaic tile (either one that ties in with your decorating scheme or one that contrasts it, creating an accent look) and apply it to the space above your sink. This will instantly inject character into an otherwise plain wall space, and it takes as little as half an hour!


pattern mosaic tiles


Shimmer and sparkle

If your room lacks personality, then choose an especially characterful mosaic design; something that will really catch the eye of your guests as they step into the room. For a truly captivating option, try choosing a mosaic with an iridescent sheen! Iridescent tiles subtley change colour as you move around the room, so you’ll never get bored of them.

Alternatively, if you love sparkling, glistening surfaces, try Nebulae Mosaic Tiles – they have a glittery surface that sparkles and twinkles under the light. Perfect for creating a room-stealing feature wall or splashback.


nebulae mosaic tiles


Split face tiles

Although you might not realise it, split face tiles are actually a type of mosaic! You’ll probably have spotted them in swanky restaurants, bars and hotels. They consist of strips of natural slate cut to different widths, heights and thicknesses; creating a textured, staggered, multi-levelled surface. Not only do they add a suave look to any interior space, but they also help to inject that sought-after natural look.


split face tiles


Mosaic effect tiles

If you love the mosaic look, but you’re not keen on all that grouting, then mosaic effect tiles might be the best option for your tiling project. Here, a solid ceramic or porcelain tile is riddled with faux grout-lines; giving the illusion of dozens (or even hundreds) of individual mosaic pieces – when really, it’s just one tile. You have to use a grout that matches the colour of the faux grout line contained within the tile, but that’s the only factor to take into account.

Patchwork Mosaic Tiles from Walls and Floors are a fantastic example of mosaic effect tiles; they consist of an eye-catching cocktail of textured patterns, and bring any wall space to life.


patch work mosaic tiles


Micro mosaic tiles

A rising interior design trend is the use of micro mosaics, which I absolutely love! They’re exactly what you would expect from the name – regular mosaics, only shrunken down to a quarter of the size.

Due to the amount of grouting it would take to complete a real micro mosaic display, they’re only really available in a mosaic effect option. Mostly, they come in textured designs where the different pieces sit at fractionally different heights; perfect for adding definition to a wall area.


tessellated micro mosaic tiles


Eco friendly

If, like me, you’re a lover of the environment and prefer to make greener choices wherever possible, then you might like to opt for eco friendly mosaic tiles over the traditional kind. These stunning Pizzazz Mosaic Tiles are made from 98% recycled glass; allowing you enjoy a gorgeous splashback without feeling a shred of eco guilt.


pizzazz eco friendly mosaic tiles


Hexagonal trend

If you keep up to date with all the latest design trends, you’ll have noticed that hexagons are taking the world of interior design by storm. They’re appearing in fashion, accessories, furniture and décor. Whilst before you could only get your larger wall and floor tiles in this popular six-sided shape, now you can get hexagonal mosaics, too, which are ideal for piecing together a captivating honeycomb design in a kitchen or bathroom.


hexagon mosaic tiles


Penny mosaics

Why are hexagons so popular? Because they’re a welcome break from the typical squares and rectangles of traditional décor. This also accounts for the popularity of circular mosaic tiles or ‘penny mosaics’ as they’re sometimes called. These, too, allow you to create an interesting display on a wall or floor, and they come in a handful of different colours!


circle mosaic tiles


Create a unique border tile

Border tiles are often an important part of finishing off a tiling display. They help to marry two tiles (one above, one below) and they’re also a great way of tying the room together (like a ribbon around a gift box). However, you might not find a border tile you like the look of – or one that fits the style you’re trying to create. So, why not create your own? Find a mosaic tile that catches your eye – one that suits the tiles you’re using, and cut it into equal-height strips. Voila – it’s that easy. Chocolate Mosaic Tiles, which consist of a mix of marble and glass, go fantastically with natural Ferrara Travertine Tiles, for example.


mosaic tiles border

Pictured above: Ferrara Travertine Tiles with Chocolate Glass Mosaic Tiles


So there you have it - some simple ideas for using mosaic tiles to freshen up your home, to help keep your rooms looking interesting.



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