It's throwback time! Here's a story from December 2017 we'd like to share with you...



As you probably know, Walls and Floors sources fantastic, high quality tiles from all across the globe. One place where we get quarry tiles from is India. This is because they're sun-baked there, the traditional way.

In December last year, a pallet of tiles came in from India, and was waiting in our Goods-In section; ready to be packed away in our warehouse. When Matt, one of our pickers here at the company, started to unpack the pallet, he noticed a little stowaway; a tiny black gecko!



He emptied out his lunch box, put the gecko inside, gave it some water to drink, and called his friend at Bugtopia, which is a Rutland-based zoo for insects and reptiles, and a great place to visit with the kids. They let you hold the critters, whilst telling you all about them.

Joe from Bugtopia dropped what he was doing to drive right over to the Walls and Floors HQ here in Kettering.



Upon inspecting the little fellow, which our Samples team had already named, 'Dolores,' he instantly identified it as an Indo-Pacific Gecko, also known as a Common House Gecko.

He agreed to take Dolores back to the zoo where it would be looked after and given the correct care.

Here's Richard Greenbank, our chairman and founder, handing the gecko over to Joe!



We hope you're doing well, Dolores!




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