Get Crafty! Put those leftover tiles to good use…

mosaic tiles coffee table

If you have finished a big DIY project and have some unwanted spare tiles hanging around your garage or shed gathering dust, or you want to use them but need some inspiration? Well Walls and Floors are here to help inspire you! We’re going to take you through some interesting ideas using tiles which you can undertake in the comfort of your own home, that won’t break the bank and will add an element of individuality to your home interiors.


mosaic tiles coffee table


Leftover tiles: Perfect for Coasters

Stop staining your furniture with tea and coffee rings and create unique coasters for your home! It’s simple, just apply a layer of felt or cork backing to the underneath and VOILA! Your own DIY coaster! Using the same as your kitchen, dining room or living area tiles will create harmonization and compliment the space, or you can go completely wild with textured, patterned Moroccan or Victorian tiles. If you want a more hands on project try using our white prismatic tiles and experiment with Alcohol ink to create interesting colour combinations! Simple, effortless and creative!


Bedroom Headboard

Finding the right head board maybe an easy process but could cost you a pretty penny. So why not try making your own DIY headboard? With a little bit of imagination, a collection of tiles and of course a hint of elbow grease, you can turn a simple plain wall into a fresh, luxurious and eye catching feature wall in the form of a stylish headboard! Imagine the shock of your friends and family, they’ll wonder how you could afford such an extravagant item!! Try experimenting with different styles and start mixing and matching patterns, textures, colours and even different materials!


Furniture Revamp!

Why not refresh and revamp your old furniture with your spare tiles? Recover your coffee table or add them as inserts to your wardrobe doors! Get creative with colour, mosaics and geometric shapes, large or small!



Wall Feature

Wall features have become a huge trend in interior design over the past few years, so instead of turning to wallpaper, why not try tiles? Tiles are perfect for creating a beautifully eye-catching focal point; they’re attractive, durable and are available in a vast range of styles, shapes and sizes to choose from! Tiles are not just for kitchens and bathrooms you know? Have you ever considered tiling your living area, hallway or bedroom walls?


wood effect tiles



Create the perfect focal point in your home by tiling your staircase or even your front door step; by applying patterned ceramic tiles such as Moroccan tiles, you’re sure to achieve that exotic Mediterranean feel. Apply a touch of Downton Abbey esque style with our range of vintage delights! Alternatively why not try adding some colour by tiling your window sills?


Fun Activities

There’s nothing better than spending the afternoon getting creative, getting messy and doing some arts and crafts with your children. Tiles can be a clean canvas for your children to express themselves and get their creative juices flowing. Preferably using clean white ceramic tiles, invest in some ceramic tile paint, buttons, plenty of glitter, ribbons, magazine cut outs, stickers, you name it! And go crazy! When they are all done and completely dry, using strong glue, attach magnets or a piece of string or metal wiring to the back so you can display them on your fridge and your walls!


Mosaic Art

Broken tiles also have their uses too! A great way of expressing yourself artistically is to create some mosaic art work! You’ll end up with a one of a kind art piece like no other! Try doing our own self portrait, a pet or a friend as a gift. Take some time out for yourself and arrange a truly unique piece of artwork for your home!


mosaic art

by Sally Welsh


Try using pieces of mirror mosaics to decorate a vase, flower pots or picture frames. Or if you’re feeling really creative and wanting a large project, go all out and create a huge mosaic mural and show it off in your home!! What’s stopping you?
We wish to thank Sally Welsh, who kindly sent us some of her mosaic art she designed from our range of prismatic tiles. She has used a variety of colours to create this stunning collection of animal portraits. Here at Walls and Floors we love receiving photos of peoples interesting DIY, Art and Craft projects using our tiles! So keep them coming!


cock tiles

lion tiles

owl tiles


We hope the Walls and Floors team have inspired you to GET CRAFTY with tiles, who knew they’re so versatile? You have no reason to be bored on a Sunday night twiddling your thumbs! It’s time to get crafty and start using those spare tiles to transform your home!

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