How to Get Your Home Ready For Christmas

Christmas is only just around the corner and you know what that means! Hoards of family and friends coming round; bearing gifts and guzzling the mulled wine. Wouldn’t it be a shame if they were faced with the same drab, dated decor as last year?

There’s always enough time to give your home a quick refresh, ready for those festive guests, and as a little Christmas treat for yourself, of course! You can start the New Year off right with a stylish new look in your humble abode.

This blog full of fab ideas for the spaces throughout your home, along with some fun gift ideas and some crafty decorative makes! If you’re sitting comfortably, then I’ll begin…

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1. Christmas Living Room Decorating Ideas

The living room is a key part of the the festive period for a lot of families! Whether you’re decorating the Christmas tree, snuggling up with a festive film, entertaining guests over a glass of Baileys, or unwrapping presents on Christmas morning, lots of the festivities take place in the lounge, so it’s a good idea to give it a refresh. Here are some ideas to help freshen up this room!

Above: Metallic Brick Slip Tiles and Peacock Slate Effect Tiles

Real or no real

No festive living room would be complete without a Christmas tree! There’s an age-old argument about whether or not to get a real tree. Some love them for the smell, others hate them for the mess.

If you’re against getting a real tree because of the blanket of needles that will cover your floor, then ask for a ‘non-drop’ one, and keep it well watered. On the other hand, if you’re against getting an artificial tree because you simply adore the smell of a real tree, then you can get pine-scented sticks that give your fake tree the aroma of a natural one!

If you don’t have the room for a tree, then buy one printed onto fabric, hang it on the wall and pin your decs into it!

Make a statement

One quick way of making a big difference in your living room is to create a statement floor. A statement floor is basically a characterful surface that injects lots of personality into a room, and draws the eye; distracting from the rest of the room, which allows things like the furniture and accessories to remain unchanged.

Above: Scintilla Olive Tiles

Patterned tiles have made a huge comeback  and are perfect for mastering a statement floor. The pattern trend has made its way to decorative encaustic styled designs, which allow you to create a luxurious vintage scheme.

How to hygge

When it comes to festive living room ideas, we need to talk about Hygge. It’s a Nordic concept and it’s all about making the most of winter by enjoying the simple things and creating a warm, cosy ambience in your home.

hygge living area

To create a ‘Hygge’ look in your living room, get candle-happy. Introduce textured throws and cushions to your sofa; create a snugly space where you can get nice and toasty with a cup of cocoa. Swap those bright, glaring light bulbs for warmer, lower-wattage alternatives. Put a rug on a bare floor. Turn off the TV and bring out the boardgames. These simple changes will help to ignite a festive spark in your home.

Re-light your fire

The fireplace is a key stocking-hanging, chestnut-roasting spot in the home each winter! If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your living room, then make the most of it! A well-dressed fireplace can act as the main focal point in the room, so why not rejuvenate it?

split face tiles

Above: Rustic Split Face Tiles

Whether you’re cladding the walls behind a wood burner, decorating the surround, or installing a stylish new hearth, tiles are the perfect option when it comes to bringing a fireplace back to life. They’re heat resistant, easy to install, and come in thousands of designs and styles.

There you have it – everything you need to get your living room guest-ready this Christmas!

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2. Christmas Dining Room Decorating Ideas: A festive makeover

A major space on Christmas day is the dining area! From pulling crackers with your loved ones and carving the turkey (or the nut roast), through to lighting up the Christmas pud, passing round the After Eights, and getting frustrated when nobody can guess the thing you’re miming in Charades.

Let’s look at some ways you can get the dining room fighting fit for the festive period and beyond…

Above: Seventh Avenue Marble Tiles 

Go Scandi

If a feature wall isn’t for you, and you’d like a calmer scheme in your dining room, ready for those festive wintertime guests, then how about adopting a soothing Scandinavian approach in your home?

Scandinavian interior design has captivated the UK for some time now. The Scandi style has a particular focus on light and space, which is great if you’re tired of eating in a dark, dingy, cluttered dining area.

vintage wood plank tiles

Light wood effect tiles are a great way of mastering this look in your home! You’ll find some in the Vintage Wood Plank Tile collection (shown above). Add colour with flowers, accessories and chair throws!

Add a feature wall

A quick way of injecting a bold new look into a dining area is to create a feature wall. This is where one wall out of the four is covered top to bottom in a striking or interesting design. When your guests come into the dining room, ready for their turkey and Christmas pudding, they will be captivated by the new statement wall!

Above: Reclaimed Wood Split Face Tiles 

Patterned tiles, which are a huge trend right now and will be for the forseeable future, are a great option when looking for feature wall ideas. However, textured tiles, such as split face tiles, also offer some room-stealing, eye-catching charm, and they will certainly act as a good talking point throughout your festive feast, and at dinner parties in the years ahead!

For more dining room ideas, check out our free eBook: 11 Gorgeous Dining Room Looks.

Extendable table

If you only have lots of guests over once or twice a year, invest in an extendable table! That way, you can increase the surface area at your leisure. More room for the brussel sprouts!

Candle happy

Candles are perfect for creating a cosy, festive ambience at the dinner table. However, it’s not a great idea to have open, unshielded flames in case granny’s napkin catches alight. That’s why we love lanterns. They look wonderful with the warm glow of a candle inside, and they’ll certainly make your Christmas spread that bit more special.

Alcoholic crackers

Crackers are an age-old tradition when it comes to Christmas dinner. It used to be that all you’d get in your cracker is a paper party hat, a cheesy joke, and a badly-made plastic kazoo. Times have changed. These ‘Drinks by the Dram’ crackers from Master of Malt contain miniature viles of gin!

Make it: Santa place mat

Now you’ve got some ideas for the decor of your dining room, here’s a quick make that’ll keep the kids amused for a little bit! The dining room is where lots of parents and children leave Santa and his reindeer some treats on Christmas Eve. We’ve created a step by step guide for making a Santa place mat – something fun to with the kids in the lead up to Christmas.

Click here for the guide: How to make a Santa place mat.

There you have it – some ideas for making your dining room that bit more special, ready for the festive period!

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3. Soak in style this Christmas: Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is the place where we like to relax and unwind after a hard day of Christmas shopping, or after a long time slaving away at the stove! Whether we’re soaking in the tub, or standing under a nice hot shower, the bathroom acts as a soothing sanctuary where we can lock ourselves away from any excessive festive stress…

bathroom wall tiles teal metro

Above: Antique Crackle Smooth Metro Tiles with Reclaimed Wood Tiles

It’s also one of the rooms our guests are most likely to visit when they’re over for Christmas, so it’s important to create a stylish scheme we can relax in, whilst at the same time impressing our visitors! Here are some fab ideas for reviving the bathroom…

Relaxing and natural

When it comes to decorating the bathroom, it’s a good idea to go for a charming, soothing natural scheme. By introducing wood and stone surfaces into the bathroom, you’re allowing yourself to feel closer to nature which, in turn, helps you to relax and unwind. And that’s exactly what you – and your guests – need when soaking in the tub, or standing under the shower.

Above: Delabole Slate Effect Tiles 

The problem with natural woods and stones is that they’re costly, they require ongoing treatment and maintenance, and they’re not all that durable. That’s why lots of designers opt for realistic stone effect and wood effect porcelain and ceramic alternatives instead!

Clutter-free bathroom

If you’re having guests over for the Yuletide period, the chances are they’ll end up nipping to the loo. Or, if they’re staying over, they might even hop in the bath or shower! Create a clutter-free bathroom you can be proud of. Here are 3 tips for a more organized look…

largo tiles

Above: Largo Tusk Tiles (wall) with Muniellos Light Oak Tiles (floor)

1) Add a tray

Everyday essentials like hand soap, ear buds, tooth paste and tooth brushes can look like clutter. One simple trick for making them look deliberately, pretty and organized is to gather them together on a tray, like in the limestone collection on the left from Balineum.

2) Roll up your towels

If you’ve got an open-faced cupboard or an inset shelf stuffed with towels, try rolling them up! It creates an organized, spa-styled appearance, and it’s actually easier to remove the towel of your choosing!

roll up towels

3) Keep the best, throw the rest

Sort through everything you have on show, and get rid of the items you don’t need (or stash them elsewhere, out of sight). Do you have bottles of shampoo or conditioner that you’ll never use? Are there excessive ornaments? Be ruthless – bathrooms are about relaxing, and clear, uncluttered surfaces help this process!

Make it: Bath Bombs!

As lovely as the Christmas period is, it can be fairly stressful when it comes to getting all the gift shopping done, and pulling off the perfect feast without any burnt spuds. That’s why we know the importance of a relaxing, de-stressing, frothy bath! To help you achieve exactly that, we’ve created a step by step guide to creating your very own bath bombs.

Click here for the guide: How to make your very own bath bombs.

Create a Heated Floor

When it’s frosty outside, there’s nothing nicer than soaking in a nice warm bath! But imagine, once the water has cooled, stepping out of the tub onto an ice-cold floor – brrrr! That’s why under tile heating is such a perfect addition to a floor space!

You may think that underfloor heating is expensive. However, with under-tile heating mats, which sit beneath a tiled floor, that simply isn’t the case! They’re very affordable to buy, install and run, and they’re more effective at heating the room than the radiator! With our interest free finance options, you can even spread the cost.

Browse our underfloor heating selection today!

Above: Reclaimed Wood Tiles

There you have it – some ideas for soaking in style this Christmas, whilst keeping your guests happy, too! For more fab festive ideas, download the eBook below!

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4. Cook up a stylish kitchen this Christmas

The kitchen is the social hub of the home! Whether you’re baking gingerbread with the kids, whipping up a trifle, sharing a festive breakfast with your partner, basting the turkey, or simply catching up with a friend over a glass of sherry, the kitchen is bound to get a lot of action this Christmas period! We’ve put together some fab ideas for bringing the kitchen up to date this Yuletide! From quick decorating updates through to recipes and fun decorative makes…

christmas kitchen ideas

The easiest way to completely transform the look of your kitchen is to add a stylish new splashback, which is essentially an easily-wipeable surface that stands behind the cooker or sink. It catches any specks of water or pan fat. Brick shaped tiles are a timeless choice when it comes to creating a kitchen splashback. Elongated designs are the current trend, such as our Isoline Tiles, below.

isoline tiles kitchen

Above: Isoline Tiles

Festive tea towels

Tea towels are a great way of injecting a festive theme into a kitchen space, and they’re also very handy when it comes to all that washing up after Christmas dinner! Here’s a selection of our very favourite tea towels for Christmas 2017…

Country kitchen

The fast-paced digital gleam of modern day life has left many of us dreaming of living in a quieter rural locale! Well we’re here to tell you that you could spend Christmas in in your our own little country cottage by transforming your current dwelling into a rural wonder! Creating a country kitchen is easy. Here’s how to achieve one…

On the walls, opt for a bumpy tile which looks like it has some age and character, such as our Boutique Brick 250×50 Tiles

Choose a subtle mix of colours. Herringbone pattern optional. On the floors, go for flagstone effect tiles in a modular layout. Our Bronte Country Fieldhead Tiles are a good choice…

Make it: Fruit hanger

Whilst you’re in the kitchen, you might as well get the chopping board out and start slicing some fruit, because we’ve created a guide for making a wonderfully festive Fruit Hanger decoration, which will fill your home with a sensational Christmassy aroma.

Click here for the guide: How to make a fruit hanger 

There you have it – a complete guide to giving your kitchen a festive refresh, ready for the Christmas period.

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5. How to get the guest bedroom ready for Christmas

So your friends have come round for Christmas. Maybe they’ve had a little too much wine and they’re unable to drive, or maybe it’s late and they’re just too tired. But when you hear the words ‘I don’t suppose we could stay over?’ wouldn’t it be nice to be able to say, ‘Of course you can stay’? Here are some guest bedroom ideas, to help you transform that spare room from a cluttered storage cupboard to a welcoming sanctuary…


Quick guest room ideas

Here are some quick and easy ideas for making your guests feel right at home when they stay over this Christmas season! But first and foremost, you have to make it feel like a home, and not a hotel, so add so personal little nick-nacks like a photo of your family, or a teddy bear!

1) Let there be light

A bedside light is an absolute must! If your guests are winding down and getting ready for bed, they might not want to stumble around under the glaring pulse of the ceiling light. They need the soft, comforting glow of a table lamp. It also gives you the option to stack some books in the room in case they can’t get to sleep right way.

2) Floral attraction

Flowers are a great way to keep a room looking fresh and vibrant. Tulips are the perfect choice, if you’re looking for low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about arranging a nice bouquet. Simply cut the steps, plop them into a vase, and let them flop about.

3) Keep some extra essentials

As we mentioned earlier, not all sleep-overs are planned. Guests often end up staying over when they hadn’t planned to – so they won’t have brought any essentials with them. Try to keep some extras in the house, just in case – toothbrushes, tooth paste, a hair brush, etc.

Refresh the floor

If your spare room’s carpet has taken a battering from the years of being using as a store room, then it’s probably time to strip it away and add something a little more stylish, modern and robust.

Floor tiles are a popular option amongst interior designers thanks to their zero maintenance qualities (you simply fix them in place and leave them alone), hard wearing nature (they don’t scratch or mark easily, and they last for decades), and infinite style options!

Check out our free eBook: 9 Incredible Looks For Your Floor.

Above: BoCoCa Wood Effect Tiles

There you have it – a guide to making the spare bedroom guest-ready this Christmas.

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6. Christmas Hallway Decorating ideas to help greet those festive guests in style!

The hallway is usually the first space that greets you and your guests as you step through the front door. It’s important to make it as welcoming as possible, as it gives your visitors their first impression of your home! Also, when you get in from a long and tiring day, it’s nice to be greeted by a stylish hallway!

The hallway is usually the first space that greets you and your guests as you step through the front door. It’s important to make it as welcoming as possible, as it gives your visitors their first impression of your home! Also, when you get in from a long and tiring day, it’s nice to be greeted by a stylish hallway!

Here are some ideas to help make your hall extra charming and functional this winter…

festive hallway ideas

Handy hallway ideas

Here are some handy ideas to help make your hallway that little bit more user-friendly this season:

1) Hang a mirror

Make sure you’re looking your best before leaving the house by popping a mirror next to the front door!

2) Add a table

A table is a very handy addition for a hallway! It’s a surface you can empty your pockets onto before hanging up your coat – your keys, wallet, etc.

Top tip: To add a pop of colour into the hallway, sit some flowers on the table! For a wonderful festive feel, it’s got to be a merry red poinsettia.


3) Introduce a chair 

If there’s room, it’s always a good idea to have somewhere to sit in the hallway, so you can quickly pull off your wellies after a lovely wintry walk; rather than traipsing much and leaves through your home. Go for a charming armchair or wall-hugging bench.


4) Install a coat rack 

In the winter, it’s rare you’ll want to leave the house without a coat or a jacket, so make sure all your favourites are hanging by the door so you can quickly pick one on your way out. You can now get coat hook units with shelves and storage boxes. These are great for storing gloves and folded up scarves; perfect for fighting the cold snap.

festive coat hooks

The power of pattern

If you’re looking to make a keen first impression on your guests as you open your front door to greet them, then we cannot over emphasise the appeal and charm of a patterned hallway floor space! Like any statement floor, the heavy patterning instantly catches the eye of your visitors, and draws them into the home.

Vicki’s used our gorgeous patchwork Kutlu Tiles to create a cool monochrome palette in her hallway.

kutlu tile hallway

Much warmer in colour, Michelle has used Naklo Tiles, which instantly inject some sunny Mediterranean charm into the hall space.

nsklo tiles

Downton glam

Whether rejuvenating an original Victorian display or injecting the look into a newer build, the idea of creating a period scheme in a hallway has never been more popular! Some say it’s down to the influence of TV phenomenons such as Downton Abbey. No matter what the cause, there’s no denying that a Victorian hallway instantly adds some stately charm to the abode! And, best of all, it’s very Christmassy.

Here at Walls and Floors, we have a huge selection of Victorian Tiles to choose from. Mix and match different colours and shapes for a completely bespoke look that’s unique to your home.

festive hallway ideas

There you have it – some fab ideas for refreshing your hallway, in time for the arrival of those festive guests.

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There you have it – a complete guide to preparing your home for the festive period, crammed full with Christmas decorating ideas! Feel free to share it with your friends and family. Have a fantastic festive season, from all at Walls and Floors!

This blog comes from our free eBook, How To Get Your Home Ready for Christmas, which is full of decorating ideas, tips to get your home guest-ready, yummy recipes, fun makes for you and the kids, and fab gift ideas. Click here to download it now