Get Your Living Area Guest-Ready for Christmas

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The living room is a key part of the the festive period for a lot of families! Whether you're decorating the Christmas tree, snuggling up with a festive film, entertaining guests over a glass of Baileys, or unwrapping presents on Christmas morning, lots of the festivities take place in the lounge, so it's a good idea to give it a refresh. Here are some ideas to help freshen up this room!


Above: Metallic Brick Slip Tiles and Peacock Slate Effect Tiles


Real or no real

No festive living room would be complete without a Christmas tree! There’s an age-old argument about whether or not to get a real tree. Some love them for the smell, others hate them for the mess.



If you’re against getting a real tree because of the blanket of needles that will cover your floor, then ask for a ‘non-drop’ one, and keep it well watered. On the other hand, if you’re against getting an artificial tree because you simply adore the smell of a real tree, then you can get pine-scented sticks that give your fake tree the aroma of a natural one!

If you don’t have the room for a tree, then buy one printed onto fabric, hang it on the wall and pin your decs into it!



Make a statement

One quick way of making a big difference in your living room is to create a statement floor. A statement floor is basically a characterful surface that injects lots of personality into a room, and draws the eye; distracting from the rest of the room, which allows things like the furniture and accessories to remain unchanged.


Above: Scintilla Olive Tiles


Patterned tiles have made a huge comeback  and are perfect for mastering a statement floor. The pattern trend has made its way to decorative encaustic styled designs, which allow you to create a luxurious vintage scheme.



How to hygge

When it comes to festive living room ideas, we need to talk about Hygge. It's a Nordic concept and it's all about making the most of winter by enjoying the simple things and creating a warm, cosy ambience in your home.


hygge living area


To create a 'Hygge' look in your living room, get candle-happy. Introduce textured throws and cushions to your sofa; create a snugly space where you can get nice and toasty with a cup of cocoa. Swap those bright, glaring light bulbs for warmer, lower-wattage alternatives. Put a rug on a bare floor. Turn off the TV and bring out the boardgames. These simple changes will help to ignite a festive spark in your home.



Re-light your fire

The fireplace is a key stocking-hanging, chestnut-roasting spot in the home each winter! If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your living room, then make the most of it! A well-dressed fireplace can act as the main focal point in the room, so why not rejuvenate it?


split face tiles

Above: Rustic Split Face Tiles


Whether you're cladding the walls behind a wood burner, decorating the surround, or installing a stylish new hearth, tiles are the perfect option when it comes to bringing a fireplace back to life. They're heat resistant, easy to install, and come in thousands of designs and styles.


Make it: tiled tray

Whilst you're entertaining guests in the living room, you'll probably want to serve up warm drinks and festive snacks! We've created a step by step guide to make a gorgeous Tiled tray, to help you carry the goodies through. It also makes for a fab gift!

Click here for the guide: How to make a tiled tray



There you have it - everything you need to get your living room guest-ready this Christmas!


This blog comes from our free eBook, How To Get Your Home Ready for Christmas, which is full of decorating ideas, tips to get your home guest-ready, yummy recipes, fun makes for you and the kids, and fab gift ideas. Click here to download it now



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