Get The Look: Opulent Décor for Luxury Home Design

Getting the luxury look is in at the minute and it’s definitely a trend we’re loving.

Thanks to technological advancements in the interior design world, having realistic yet affordable replicas of high-end décor has never been easier. Ink jet and fabric technologies have rapidly developed the way we design for stunning tactility at lower prices than genuine materials.

We’ve collaborated with Homebody Decor to bring you this magnificently beautiful room set of our new Deluxe tiles in the colour Lapis Blue. With rich tones and opulent textures, we guarantee it will impress and inspire you!

Swipe through to read about the tiles, the foundational furniture, and the accessories, before seeing the finished room set!

Tiles as a core decorative element

With striking hues and bold design, our range of Deluxe Marble Effect Tile ooze opulence with their granular high gloss finish and rich, marble veining as inspired by natural stone.

They feature a large format, rectified body which means that a seamless look is achieved across your interior spaces for stunning visual impact in any room. Plus, whilst natural marble is expensive, they’re crafted from durable bodied porcelain for a more affordable alternative that doesn’t compromise on design.

Get them here: Deluxe Lapis Ultra Gloss Blue Marble Effect Tiles, £46.95 per SQM

See the range: Deluxe Tiles, from £39.95 per SQM

Foundational pieces

Furniture is an essential in any room and it begins to set the tone of your interior design. We’ve styled the above two pieces to dilute maximalist trends with minimal design for an equilibrium that is simply striking.

The shimmering opulence of the gold Pineapple table contrasted with the comforting simplicity of this leather chair creates a cohesive tone for luxury design; the tactile textures bring this pairing to life.

Get the chair here: Bathurst Dark Brown Leather Occasional Chair, £650

Get the table here: Gold Pineapple Side Table, £100

The finishing touches

Finishing off your room with decorative elements finalises your design and expresses personality through your home. We’ve paired rich tones of turmeric to balance with the blue tones of Lapis for the ultimate style statement.

The velvet of the cushion, the cowhide of the photo frame, the gloss of the tiles; we just can’t get enough of the vivid textures in this space!

Get the lamp here: Antique Gold Flamingo Lamp, £75

Get the cushion here: Feline Rust Cushion, £25

Get the photo frame here: Bowerbird Cowhide Photo Frame (2 Sizes), £35

Would you choose this luxury opulence in your home?