Get your home ready for Christmas: 8 weeks to go!


We’re at the 8 week mark now! It’s just 8 weeks until Christmas Day arrives, and there’s lots to be done. We want to make sure our home looks nice – not just for ourselves, but for our festive visitors. The ones who come flocking round; bearing gifts and wine. We don’t want them to be faced with the same dreary, dated decor as last year, do we? We want to create something fresh. Something warm and inviting. A focal point; a talking point.

At Walls and Floors, we’re here to help! We want you to have the best Christmas yet – in a home that you absolutely love.

Interior design ideas for Christmas


An extra 10% off your order: A Christmas gift from Walls and Floors

This weekend, you can get an extra 10% off your order! Simply enter code: WF10EVE in the code. The offer ends midnight Monday 3rd, so hurry! Order your tiles in plenty of time, ready for Christmas. Things between now and the big day will be pretty hectic – with Christmas shopping, preparing the festive meal, etc. You don’t want to forget to order. So take advantage of this offer, get your tiles in, and stack them in the garage or spare room until you’re ready to decorate! We have just under 6,000 tile designs to choose from. Take a look at our tile collection.

kitchen and bathroom ideas


A brand new brochure, full of bright ideas

We’ve just launched our exciting new brochure. Now in stunning A4, it’s full of inspiring ideas – from striking room sets, through to breakdowns of all the latest trends. If you’re unsure of what look you want to create in one of your rooms, this is the perfect read for you. It covers the full spectrum of our tile selection – going through walls, floors, wood effects, stone effects and mosaics. There’s a thought-provoking two-page spread on our sought-after Scrabble Wall Tiles, too. With detailed insights into our most stylish ranges – from brick and hexagon, through to splitface and realistic wood planks. Request your free copy, and we’ll send it out ASAP!

bathroom ideas and interior design


Get 3 samples for £1

Are you the sort of person who likes to try before you buy? No problem! You can get 3 samples for £1*. Just use code: SAMP341 in the checkout. Samples are a great way to get the full effect of a tile. See how it looks in person; run your fingers over the surface and get a feel for the texture and detailing. Hold it up against the wall, or lay it down on the floor. See how it looks in place, where you wanted it. Our sample tiles come full-size and with Free Delivery. Order your samples now, and get the ball rolling, ready for your festive transformation! *Offer only available on samples under £4.00 each.

full size sample tiles


Win back the cost of your tiles

Once you’ve ordered, don’t forget to take part in our #DeckTheHalls with Walls and Floors competition! Simply take a picture of your project before you start decorating, and a picture after you’re finished decorating, and submit them to The closing date is December 22nd. We’ll choose our favourite transformation and announce the winner on Christmas Day. The winner entry will win back the cost of their tiles! It’s silly not to take part.


Which rooms will you be doing up, in time for Christmas? Your kitchen? Bathroom? The living room? Dining room? Bedroom? En suite? The hallway? Let us know over on Facebooktwitter or Google+ or leave a comment below!


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