Every Friday, we'll choose a different film, and we'll suggest tiles and accessories that will help you to capture the essence of that film in your home décor. We'll look at the palettes and the styles used in the movie, and we'll match them with ones available in today's market. You'll be able to bring themes from your favourite movies into your living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Movie scene below belongs to Dreamworks Pictures / Universal Pictures.


gladiator decor scheme


This week, we're going to be looking at Gladiator. Directed by legend of cinema Ridley Scott, the movie starred heart throb Russell Crowe. When it came out in the year 2000, it took the world by storm, and won 5 Oscars at the Academy Awards. Why did we choose this film to transform into an interior decorating scheme? Because we love the warm, rustic, regal décor of ancient rome. The metallic glow of burnished iron; the richness of the pebbles and sand; the intricate detailing of the grand, sculptured columns.


1) Add some ambient lighting into your interiors with this decorative Cromwell 5 Arm Wrought Iron Chandelier. £395, Fields of Blue Lighting. 


2) Introduce texture and personality to a dull wall space with these Rustic Splitface Tiles. They consist of strips of natural slate cut to different widths, heights and depths - fixed together to create a staggered, characterful surface. £29.95 / Sqm, Walls and Floors. 


3) Rome is known for the grand marble floors of its ancient palaces - so these Panana Brown Marble Effect Tiles are perfect for injecting some Roman glamour into an interior floor area. Light brown in colour, they help to tie together the scheme's lighter sand colours and the metallic greys and browns. £29.95 / Sqm, Walls and Floors. 


4) Although this Resin Ornament depicting ancient Roman ruins is intended for use in your fish tank, it would look equally as fantastic on a mantelpiece, shelf or coffee table. £30.98, Amazon. 


5) To help create the natural, sandy, rocky backdrop in which Gladiator is set, why not introduce these River Pebble Tiles? Perfect for use on a wall or floor. They'll add a luxury spa-like feel to your bathroom floor. £9.95 / Sheet, Walls and Floors. 


6) Introduce a slice of decorative Roman architecture into your home with this Hand Made Roman Column Side Table. £69.99, Home Scapes. Ideal for standing a vase on. 


7) When it comes to choosing a clock, pick an iron-effect design with Roman numerals, such as this Roman Numeral Clock. £12.99, Primrose. 


8) Need a warm, sandy paint to help tie together your tiled areas? Go for Egyptian Sand. £19.49, Crown. 


9) To help you capture the untamed rural beauty of the film's field scenes, you can introduce some Dried Wheat into your home. Stick it in a clear glass vase, with some sand. From £4.99, eBay.



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