The Godfather – Decorating Ideas and Colour Palettes #FilmFriday

New to #FilmFriday? It’s our weekly feature in which we take a movie and we create a decor scheme based around it. We find accessories that look as though they’ve hopped right out of the movie, and we suggest colour schemes that will help you capture the mood and feeling of the film in your home. This week, we’re taking a look at a cinema classic: The Godfather.




Released in 1972, it was based on Mario Puzo’s novel of the same name and was directed by Francis Ford Coppola. It made stars of Al Pacino and James Caan, and won Marlon Brando his second Oscar. But today, we’re more interested in the décor. We’re going to focus on Don Vito Corleone’s Office, which features several times throughout the movie. As the office of a Mafia boss, as you can imagine, it’s a room loaded with style!


1) The floor of the English Tudor styled mansion is brick, and laden with expensive Moroccan rugs. To recreate this base, use these Rich Brick Slip Effect Tiles. £29.95 / Sqm, Walls and Floors.


2) On the walls, there’s a mixture of varnished wooden panelling and brocade wallpaper. For the panelling, use these wood effect Rich Walnut Tiles. £24.95  / Sqm, Walls and Floors.


3) For the brocade effect, use these Brocade Feature Wall Tiles. £30.45 / Sqm, Walls and Floors.


4) At the head of the room sits the Don’s desk. For a similar design, try the Belvedere Oak Old English Writing Desk. £229.97, Furniture 123.


5) At the desk sits the Don’s famous leather armchair. For a Godfather-styled armchair of your own, go for the Chesterfield Wing Armchair. £280, Sofaland.


6) On a side table sits a decorative 1960’s table lamp. For something similar try this Hotel Glass Table Lamp. £34.95,  Dunelm.


7) The Corleone office is full of ferns and greenery, which help to add some colour into the palette. For a zero-maintenance alternative to a living indoor plant, try this Artificial Potted Fern. £11.69, Riverside.


8) To help you tie the scheme together, we’ve selected a paint shade that sits between the dark browns and the reddish hue of the floor brick slip effects. It’s Tudor Rose. £25.99, Crown.


9) On the mantelpiece sits a decorative black clock, much like this Jones Black ‘Bailey’ Mantel Clock. £25, Debenhams.


10) For a bit of playfulness, you could include this Wall Mountable Horse Head Garden Feature Ornament, to symbolise the Don’s equestrian-themed warning from the movie.


We hope you’ve been inspired by this decor scheme, and that you’ll be tempted to incorporate themes from The Godfather into your home! Keep an eye out for next week’s #FilmFriday post!



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