Good Homes Magazine recently fired some questions about tiling and home styling across to two of our experts! The first is Louisa Charlotte, our exclusive designer who has her own tile collection; and the second is Paul Collins the Tile Guru, who is tour resident tiling expert. Here are their answers...


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Good Homes Magazine: Modern Makeover!

I’m giving my home a contemporary revamp throughout. What are the key tile trends for 2016? - Good Homes Magazine reader

Louisa says: ‘Look out for brick slip-effect and split-face designs – these are ideal for bringing the outdoors in and feature walls. Colourwise, the latest technologies will be available in myriad striking shades, and 3D textures are now more realistic than ever, adding definition and character to any space. Geometric tiles are also bang on trend, from simple black-and-white patterns to intricate multi-coloured motifs. For a softer effect, hexagon tiles offer timeless style for flooring and accent walls, allowing for eye-catching honeycomb displays. Known as nature’s perfect shape, this chic pattern can be introduced to any interior tiling theme in your home.’


Hexagon tiles dining room


Timely Advice!

How soon can the newly plastered walls around my house be tiled? - Good Homes Magazine reader

Paul says: ‘It’s vital to let new plaster dry fully before tiling. As a rough guide, estimate 1mm thickness per day, so thinner skims should be safe to tile in a few days. If using ceramics measuring less than L30xW30cm in an internal dry area, you can use a ready-mixed adhesive. For wet areas, such as a shower or above the bath, walls must first be tanked – try BAL’s WP1 waterproofing kit: it contains everything you need to make the area watertight. For a competent DIY enthusiast or professional tiler, the job should be straightforward.’


BAL waterproofing kit


Style on a budget!

How can I update my bathroom without breaking the bank? - Good Homes Magazine reader

Louisa says: ‘A cost-effective way of creating a clean, crisp scheme is to opt for white tiles, which now come in a number of various finishes, textures and shapes. White wood-effect and painted-brick slip-effect tiles are now much more affordable, so you can create a high-end, timeless industrial feel. As well as forming the basis of a fresh, new look, white tiles create a clean canvas for you to personalise with accent colours – or you could add a little luxury and spend what you saved on a heated towel rail. In a dark bathroom, lay a wall of glass mosaic tiles to bounce light around the space, or lay a single sheet to create a splashback behind your sink.’


Mosaic tiles bathroom wall


Get it covered!

Can I put brand-new tiles over the old ones in my bathroom? - Good Homes Magazine reader

Paul says: ‘You can cover existing wall and floor tiles, but you need to check that the old ones are firmly bonded to the existing surface, and that the area under the tiles will be able to hold the weight of another layer. Check this by using the weight guide. To add new tiles, clean your existing ones by scouring them with a diluted solution of heavy-duty grime remover. Next, once dry, use a flexible adhesive with built-in bonding agents to affix. If any of your old tiles are loose, remove them, fill in any holes in the plaster or concrete, then scrape off any old adhesive before affixing new ones.’


Wood effect tiles on bathroom floor


Superior Exterior!

What tiles can you recommend for use in outdoor spaces? - Good Homes Magazine reader

Louisa says: ‘Most porcelain designs are frost-proof and will withstand diverse weather conditions. They’re also a great way to achieve an open-plan effect from the outdoors in. Anti-slip wood-effect options are an alternative to outdoor decking – just pick a shade and layout that enhances your garden scheme. Textured, non-slip-finish tiles are ideal for a family home, and Walls and Floors Olde Victorian clay tiles are perfect for period designs on pathways.’


Wiood effect tiles garden patio


Whatever your query, email Paul our #TileGuru at for expert advice.


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