The Goonies is a classic 80s childhood film, filled with adventure, suspense, crime and a treasure hunt. It celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. That's right - 30 years of the truffle shuffle! I've taken inspiration from the film's plot to create this 'The Goonies Decor Scheme,' which can be applied to various rooms with a mix of sophistication and fun.

the goonies decor scheme


HEYYYY YOUUUU GUYSSSSSS - The Goonies Decor Scheme!

The film is about a group of friends who name themselves 'The Goonies' that along with their families are dealing with a housing developer turning their estate into a luxury golf course. The Goonies  find a pirate map that apparently leads to treasure, which they think they can use to find money and save the neighbourhood. Little do they know that a crime family, The Fratellis, have escaped from prison and are also hunting the treasure.

The goonies decor scheme

1. You can't get much more Goonies-themed than with the logo on a cushion! Use this The Goonies Pirate Cushion to freshen up a sofa - From £13.51, Redbubble

2. The end of the movie has a very nautical, coastal feel with the whole pirate ship theme going on. Try using our Amarilla Tiles to inject this into your home. They're made from actual river pebbles, stuck to a mesh backing - £11.45/sqm, Walls and Floors

3. Keeping with the pirate theme, this quirky Snurk Pirate Single Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set is perfect for bringing your bedroom to life - £49, John Lewis

4. Create the charm and mystery of the underground tunnels in your living area, bathroom or bedroom with these Classic Red Brick Effect Tiles, £32.95/sqm, Walls and Floors

5. Tartan Blanket, £20, The Edinburgh Woollen Mill

6. One of the final scenes in the film shows the pirate ship sailing out of a bay; capture this in your home with this Ghost Ship artwork by Terry Fan, From £29,

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