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Above: Ruska Limestone Effect Tiles


Our stunning tile brochure

We’re extremely pleased to announce the arrival of our brand new brochure. Vibrant and full of bright ideas, this book really is everything you need to tile your dream home! Printed using the finest HD technology, the images are extremely detailed and razor-sharp. They stand out of the page – allowing you to get a really clear idea of what the tile looks like in real life.

Based around the title, ‘Discover your perfect style this season,’ the brochure guides you through various trends and style ideas. In the ‘Oriental Glamour’ section, it introduces you to our extremely impressive and highly captivating Moroccan Arabesque selection. In ‘Natures Return,’ it continues through the fashionable wood effect options available – from our popular Rustic Oak, through to our contemporary white-wash Buccino collection. ‘Floral Fusion’ explains the current trend of efflorescent designs that has taken the UK by storm.


tangier floor tiles

Above: Tangier Floor Tiles


Discover new and exciting home decor ideas!

The brochure is divided into helpful umbrella sections – so you can quickly find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re after Wall Tiles to brighten up those dull and drab wall areas, Floor Tiles to bring those faded floor areas to life, Natural Tiles to splash a bit of glamour throughout your home, or Mosaic Tiles to add a crisp and compact look to your walls and floors, you can easily navigate to exactly what you’re looking for!

The Wall Tiles section is full of stylish ideas. It starts off with an introduction to our modernistic Metro Collection – a fantastic offering of brick-shaped tiles, with distinctive bevelled edges; available in a wide selection of colours. Whether you want to go for a classic and light white effect, or something more bold and vibrant with an eye-catching red or green.

The brochure also displays our varied offering of Johnson Tiles. We are proudly the largest distributor of Johnson Tiles in the UK – and we have some truly outstanding spectacles on offer. From rich and regal marble effects, such as the Elegance Solace Selection – through to Johnson’s vibrant and captivating collection of Moroccan Arabesque tiles – such as Zara, or Yamina.


natural carrara marble tiles

Above: Natural Carrara Marble Tiles


All the latest design trends

The tile brochure boasts a perfect portfolio of our Louisa Charlotte Collection. Louisa Charlotte is our own exclusive designer. Her selection of chic and stylish tile ranges is perfect for transforming your home this season. It consists of striking décor pieces, mostly with a floral theme.

Our Laura Ashley collection is not overlooked, either. Some of the features are highlighted in the brochure – such as the spectacular Isadore range; a décor selection with a gorgeous vine design splayed across it. The shabby-chic Artisan range is looked into, to – with its soft pastel colours and bumpy, weathered texture.

Moving on, the brochure explains the shabby-chic trend further; that it’s all about having a periodic approach with a modernistic twist. It also covers various over ‘Vintage Delights’ – such as ‘Glorious Geometrics’ and ‘Periodic Patterns’.

Furthermore, after taking you on a guided tour through all of our most inspiring options, the brochure introduces you to some of the grouts, adhesives, sealants and treatments you may need to complete the job. It really is everything you need to tile your dream home!

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