Lorraine’s Colourful Kitchen Splashback – Metro Tiles

Lorraine used our bright Lime House Green Metro Tiles to brighten up his kitchen space! Metro tiles are the perfect shape and size to create a kitchen splashback. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘splashback,’ it couldn’t be simpler! It’s an easily wipeable surface – usually made from ceramic or glass – which stands behind a cooker or sink, and catches any moisture or pan fat. It prevents it from sinking into a bare wall.

Lime green kitchen metro tiles

Splashbacks are a great way of injecting some colour and personality into an otherwise bland space. That’s exactly what Lorraine did in his kitchen. Instantly, the green metro tiles, with their glossy finish and bevelled edges, add character into the room!

If green isn’t your colour of choice, don’t worry – there are dozens of different colours of metro tiles to choose from. Red, blue, orange, yellow – you name it. And if you don’t want a bright colour, simply opt for a classic white or black metro.