Hateful Eight – #FilmFriday Decor Scheme

I’m a huge film fan. That’s why I invented the #FilmFriday segment! Every now and then, on a Friday, I’ll take a well-loved film, and I’ll transform it into a decorating scheme that you can invite into your home; to help you capture the film’s spirit.

I’ve recently been to the cinema to see Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight – a shoot-em-up about a gaggle of bounty hunters who all wind up in a snow-bound Wyoming lodge. Like most of Tarantino’s works, I loved it! That’s why this week, #FilmFriday is focusing on The Hateful Eight. I’ve put together a scheme to help you capture the cabin-esque, rustic essence of Minnie’s Haberdashery. Enjoy…

Hateful Eight Decorating Scheme

1) This faux fur throw is perfect for draping across a sofa or chair. It instantly adds some rugged, wild appeal. £350, John Lewis. 2) For further rustic charm, how about these Wall Hanging Antlers? £26, Shabby Store. 3) If you’ve seen the movie, the large period sweetie jars might have caught your eye! Create your own by filling these Large Victorian Style Jars. £5, Sweets 4 U. 4) Pull up a seat! This Chiltern Chair could’ve come straight out of Minnie’s Haberdashery. £275, John Lewis. 5) To help add that rustic Western look, introduce an old, weathered barrel! They make for perfect, characterful side-tables to sit a lamp on. £100+, eBay. 6) To create your woody base, look no further than these realistic Vintage Wood Plank Tiles. There are several different designs; allowing you to piece together a varied display on the floor spaces throughout your home. £17.95 per Sqm, Walls and Floors.

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