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An introduction to the blog

Welcome to the Walls and Floors blog. If you’re thinking about decorating your home in the coming months and you want some inspiration or advice, you’ve come to the right place. Updated several times a week, this blog compiles all the latest interior design trends and colour palettes, with handy How To tutorials, along with all the latest news, offers and giveaways from the UK’s largest independent tile retailer. There’s even a yummy recipe or two!

Meet Callum Chester: The blog’s author

With a diploma in creative writing and an interior design course under his belt, Callum Chester is the mastermind behind the Walls and Floors blog. Based in Northamptonshire (like Walls and Floors itself), Callum spends dozens of man hours each week; browsing through magazines and visiting design shows; researching the latest decorating trends. With advice from the creative design team at Walls and Floors, Callum is able to deliver several articles each week, to help you bring the latest look into your home.

‘I’ve recently moved into a new build with my girlfriend. It started off with concrete floors downstairs, bare boards upstairs, and plain cream walls throughout. So it was a blank canvas, really. One room at a time, I’m taking these fantastic trends and decorating ideas that I put in the blog, and I’m bringing them into my home. So it’s slowly transforming into a really nice, stylish place to live. And hopefully my blogs will show you how you can unlock your dream home, too.’

Dream Colour Schemes

Louisa Charlotte is the in-house designer at Walls and Floors. Her range, the Louisa Charlotte Collection, is a selection of decorative designer pieces; ideal for bringing a charming, bespoke look into your interiors. Every now and then, when a new colour scheme becomes prominent in the world of interior designer, she’ll sit and create a Dream Colour Scheme, alongside Callum. She’ll take a gorgeous room set with the colour scheme present, and she’ll suggest which paint shades you should use to help re-create the look in your living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. She’ll also point out which tiles are used in the room set; to really help you create that scheme in your home. Dream Colour Schemes provide a nice, easy way for you to capture a certain look in the room you’re decorating. Several are available in the Dream Colour Scheme section of the blog. Go and take a look.

Blog posts tailored for your project

If you know which room you’re looking to decorate, you should visit our Interior Style Centre. You can choose the room you’re interest in decorating, and you’ll be taken through all the blogs that can be applied to that room. For example, if you clicked ‘living room,’ you’d be served up an article about creating the Wild West trend in your lounge, you’d be given 10 quick living room updates, you’d be shown a DIY SOS transformation we donated tiles to (which focuses mostly on the living room), and much more!

Ideas for throughout the home

If you’re unsure which room you want to decorate, and you just want to browse interior ideas in general, then we can cater for you, too! Our Home Ideas section strips out any talk about giveaways or recipes, and allows you to browse general home and interior posts uninterrupted. You’ll find a mixture of the Dream Colour Schemes mentioned earlier, along with walk-arounds and findings at major interior design events, with quick updates for various rooms around the house, and briefings on all the latest decorating trends; from industrial through to woodland through to teal.

Kid’s corner

We know that, if you’ve got kids, it can be difficult to find the time to plan your next decorating project – or, indeed, the time to do the decorating itself. That’s why we’ve created Kid’s Corner. It’s a section of the blog where we post activities and puzzles to help keep your kids busy; grouped together in our downloadable Kid’s Corner Activity Pack. (The competitions for which are now out of date, but the pack itself is still good fun).


Just looking for some general decorating ideas for certain areas throughout your home? Check out our Image Galleries! A showcase of between 10 and 15 room set images, they’re great for giving you some theme ideas. For example, if you’re decorating the kitchen, but you’ve got no idea what look you want to achieve, visit the kitchen image gallery! You’ll be shown our stylish monochrome hexagon tiles in place on the floor of a period Victorian kitchen scheme. You’ll be shown elongated red metro tiles against dark work tops and gloss black kitchen doors. You’ll be shown a gorgeous patchwork mosaic used as a splashback behind a kitchen sink. You get the picture! We have image galleries for various rooms, areas, tile types and trends!

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