Hot off the Kiln: Warm Woods, Lifelike Marbles, and Brick Slip Alternatives

Metliculoso Marble Effect Tiles

A huge interior design trend moving into next year is Nature’s Prescription – the idea of inviting natural textures and objects into your home, to help you feel closer to nature without having to venture outdoors. The Metliculoso Marble Effect Tile range consists of a selection of white marble effect tiles, with dark lifelike veining draped across the surface of the tiles; perfect for bringing the natural look into your interiors. They’re incredibly versatile – you can use them in a bathroom, kitchen or living area. Due to the light base colour, they’re also great for creating a blank canvas you can accessorize to with colours and furnishings. One winning accessory right now is the additional of faux antlers. You can see metallic ones used in this lifestyle image, but more realistic options are available.


Delft Tiles

Another prominent trend is the idea of invite the vintage, period look into your home. These Delft Tiles allow you to do exactly that. They consist of weathered, aged-effect colour tiles, with striking decor pieces. The decor tiles depict various boats, flowers, and countryside buildings; allowing you to stamp some personality into your interiors. Use the decorative border tiles to tie together the different tile styles and designs.


Alcazar Tiles

Another selection of realistic marble effect designs, the Alcazar Tile range offers more of a variety of colours than the Metliculoso collection. They’re printed using the latest high definition inkjet technology; printing an image of natural marble directly onto the porcelain base. They allow you to transform a bathroom or kitchen area; fooling your guests into thinking you’ve spent thousands on tiling with natural marble from ceiling to floor!


Burnished Armour Tiles

Rejuvenate your wall spaces with the addition of these textured, distressed-effect Burnished Armour Tiles. They’re reminiscent of worn, weathered leather and are perfect for adding a rich, exclusive look to your interiors. They’re available in a warming shade of bronze, a cool silver, an earthy iron grey, and a luscious cream.


Mountain Peak Grey Tiles

Another stone effect addition to the site, perfect for embracing the Nature’s Prescription trend, is the Mountain Peak collection. This consists of four ranges, based around four different colourways: Ivory, Grey, Brown and Black. Realistic in design, they’re suitable for any room in the house – from the kitchen and bathroom, through to a living area or bathroom.


Samanea Wood Effect Tiles

Wood effect tiles are a great way warm up your interiors this winter. They help to raise the visual temperature of a room. These Samanea Wood Effect Tiles are the larger version of our popular Rustic Wood Oak Tiles. They are incredibly realistic – the closest likeness to wood you’ll find on our site. They’re alive with wood grain, texture and knots.


Serpentine Stone Effect Tiles

An interesting take on stone effect, this Serpentine Tile selection offers a captivating, stacked arrangement of stone pieces in a splitface-esque design. They will completely transform the look of your wall spaces, and look especially good around a in or around a fireplace.


 Talasni Tiles

These stylish Talasni Tiles have an undulating design, with a rippled wave effect moving across the surface of the tile. They will bring energy into dull, drab wall spaces, and look especially good in a bathroom setting.

Undulating monochrome wave tiles

Trullo Brick Effect Tiles

Brick effect is a trend that’s appearing in all the swankiest establishments this season. A time-saving alternative to brick slips, these Trullo Brick Effect Tiles allow you to create the illusion of a stone brick wall; the type you might find in a rural, rustic cottage.

Brick slip tiles in living room

Brick slip effect tiles in living room


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