How Can I be Sure I’m Hiring A Reliable Tiler?

Question: How can I be sure I’m hiring a reliable tiler?

How Can I be Sure I’m Hiring A Reliable Tiler

Quick answer:

Ask for friend recommendations, browse tradesperson comparison sites such as Checkatrade, and be cautious of tilers with a short waiting list (as good tilers aren’t usually short of work).

Long answer for ‘How Can I be Sure I’m Hiring A Reliable Tiler’:

When it comes to the tiling process, if you’re not confident in carrying out the work yourself, it’s always a good idea to get a professional tiler in. You’ve gone through the process of finding tiles that suit your style, and you’ve paid your hard-earnt money to buy them and have them delivered. It would be a terrible shame to spoil the finished effect with shoddy workmanship.

So how do you make sure you’re hiring a reliable tradesperson? How do you know you’re choosing the right tiler? How do you know that they’re not going to rip you off, and are going to do a good job?

Firstly, recommendations from friends are normally gospel – providing that they’ve actually had work carried out by them, and they’re not simply recommending a relative or friend who does a spot of tiling. If a friend has had a tiler in for a day or more, and can vouch that they were timely, not overly expensive, and did a good job, then you should consider looking up that professional. Continued below.

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Secondly, check out tradesperson review sites such as Checkatrade. Type in ‘tiler’ and your local area, and the site will serve up the ‘best’ tilers – the ones with the most positive reviews in your locale. Usually, the tilers will have uploaded some photos of previous jobs, so you can inspect their handiwork. If you did get a recommendation from a friend, it’s worth checking that tiler online anyway. Look at their reviews, and make sure that your friend’s good experience wasn’t a one-off.

Thirdly, when you approach a tiler, be cautious of any tradesperson who can do the work right away. A good tiler will usually have 4-6 weeks of work backed up.

Follow these three simple steps and you should land yourself a reputable tradesperson. Make a list of two or three if you can, and ask for quotes for your tiling project. Tell them about the project, and how many Sqm you need tiling, and they should be able to give you a rough figure.

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