How Colour Impacts Your Mood

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, so we’re talking about the ways you can use colour to make your home a comforting space that impacts your mood positively.

Colour psychology shows how different colours influence the ways we think, feel and behave. Let’s break this down and take a look at each colour’s effects…

Above: Pickett™ Bevelled Petal Pink Tiles


Yellow is known to brighten your mood and increase your energy. Think of a bright sunny day or a field of fresh daffodils!

Areas of use: A great place to incorporate yellow is the kitchen, as this is often where we start our day and need energising.

Above: Capsule™ Dijon Tiles


Pink can have a calming effect on the nerves and helps relieve feelings of anger and aggression. The longer you are exposed to this colour, the calmer you will become.

Areas of use: Pink is great for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Above: Gatsby Pink Tiles


Green is one of the most restful colours for your eyes and is known to be restorative, mind-clearing and reduce anxiety. It’s also a great tone for people who love the outdoors and want to bring a natural feel to their home.

Areas of use: Adding green into your working environment colour scheme will inspire relaxation and focus and creativity.

Above: Victorian Green Metro Tiles


Orange brings enhanced energy and feelings of vitality and enthusiasm.

Areas of use: Orange is perfect in the kitchen as it is a positive, warm and bustling room.

Above: Marmalade Pick n’ Mix Gloss Tiles


Blue is a very calming colour that can make you feel centred, relaxed and serene. Blue is a great tone to use in spaces of the home where you want to feel especially relaxed such as the bathroom or bedroom. Light blue can come across as cold and chilly, so it’s a good idea to balance this with warmer hues.

Areas of use: The bathroom is the ideal spot for the colour blue as you can create a perfect relaxing water environment.

Above: Capsule™ Kalami Bay Tiles


Purple is a rich, dramatic tone that gives off a romantic, luxurious vibe and is great for sparking creativity.

Areas of use: Purple is perfect for a bedroom or even a bathroom.

Above: Metro St Pauls Plum Gloss Tiles

Which colours do you gravitate towards in your home? Let us know below!

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