How to Choose the Right Thermostat for Your Home

In the winter months, we’re thinking about ways we can make ourselves warmer. Whether you’re looking for a thermostat for a pre-integrated system or you’re looking to invest in a brand-new system, finding the right thermostat is an important choice for you and your home.

If you’re looking to save on your bills, why not try investing in a smart underfloor heating system? Electric underfloor heating is an efficient, unseen way to heat your home without the need for cumbersome, bulky radiators taking up your wall and floor spaces. Suitable in any room and under any floor finish, it will heat your room from the ground up, eliminating cold spots to provide a more comfortable living space for everyone.

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Traditional heating methods, like radiators, need to be set at a high temperature (between 65 and 75 degrees celsius) to effectively warm up a room, however, underfloor heating only needs to be set at 29 degrees or lower, consuming less energy and saving you money on bills.

How do I choose a thermostat for my house?

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1. Narrow down the thermostats that are compatible with your heating system

Firstly, you will need to figure out which thermostats are compatible with your system’s voltage requirements. After you’ve done this, you can start looking into the type of thermostat you like and its compatibility with your home and lifestyle.

Are you looking for a simple manual thermostat or would you prefer something smarter, like a programmable thermostat? The choice is yours! Think about your schedule – your work habits, sleep habits, how much time you spend at home – all of this will contribute towards your decision and help you make an informed choice that’s best for you.

2. Learn about your options

There are many options to choose from when it comes to thermostats, including manual, programmable and wireless. What you choose can be completely based on your habits and your preferences in style.

Is it worth getting a programmable thermostat?

A basic thermostat simply heats the room whenever you would like it on. You can change the desired temperature up or down to achieve the desired level of heat, and the thermostat will maintain this temperature until you manually change it yourself.

A programmable thermostat, on the other hand, helps to save energy and reduce costs by allowing you to set a schedule for your heating throughout the day. The thermostat will automatically change the temperature for when you have programmed it to do so, meaning that you can use less heat in times when you don’t need it such as when you are asleep or at work.

At Walls and Floors, we offer a range of programmable thermostats that are compatible with our range of underfloor heating. They allow you to set presets for quick and easy control, and with a built-in ambient temperature sensor and external floor sensor, it automatically boosts temperature when needed until the next scheduled heating event.

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3. Install your thermostat

We would suggest getting an electrician in to install your thermostat and ensure that it is working properly. Whilst installing it yourself is an option, it’s always best to leave it to the professionals in case something goes wrong – we think it’s extra money well spent to ensure the best job is done!

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Which thermostat would you choose for your home? We’d love to know! Tag us in your projects on Instagram @wallsandfloors.

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Anna Marie Clementson
Anna Marie Clementson