How To Grout Tiles: Grouting a Wall or Floor

Undertaking a spot of tiling, and need some advice on the grouting process? You’re in good hands! This guide will show you how to grout a wall or floor.

1) Getting your tiles ready

Before you start grouting, you need to make sure your tiles are fixed in place, and that you’ve waited the recommended amount of time for the adhesive to set.

If you need help tiling your wall space, check out our How To Tile A Wall, video! Alternatively, if it’s a floor space you’re tiling, head over to our How To Tile A Floor tutorial.

2) Mix the grout

When you are ready to start grouting, empty the bag of powder into the water and mix thoroughly.

3) Apply the grout

Using a Grout Float, apply the grout into the tile joints; working in diagonal sweeping movements.

4) Buff off any excess grout

Wait for the grout to partially set and wash the tile surface off with a tiling sponge and clean water.

Video guide

What grout is best?

We recommend using Mapei Ultracolour Plus Grout. Available in a multitude of colours, it’s a good, flexible tile grout. Simply add the powder to the water, and mix to a good, creamy consistency.

Walls and Floors
Walls and Floors