Looking for how to install underfloor heating in your home?

If you're laying a new floor, you might as well lay some underfloor heating. It adds a cutting-edge touch to your home, and it's a lot cheaper to run than you might think. This handy step-by-step guide from Walls and Floors shows you just how quick and easy it is to lay Underfloor Tile Heating.

Laying your underfloor heating 

Brush one coat of Ardex P51 Primer onto the floor and leave it to dry. Firstly use Ardex X7001 Tile Adhesive to stick Undertile Heating Insulation Boards over the floorboards. Next, lay your Underfloor Tile Heating Cables. Use a Grout Float to coat the cables with a smooth layer of mixed Arditex NA Levelling and Smoothing Compound, and leave to dry. Once that's dry, you can lay your floor tiles with Ardex X7R Tile Adhesive.

All the products shown in this video and more are available from here at Walls and Floors. Now you've seen How To Lay Underfloor Heating, take a look at How To Tile A Floor.

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