How to Make A Larger Room Seem Smaller

When the estate agent is showing you around a house, you’re usually elated when you step into the living area or bedroom and find that it’s enormous. However, when it comes to moving in, you might find that these wide-open spaces can actually seem quite cold, airy and impersonal. Here are some great tips for breaking up a larger room. First featured on our Pinterest channel.

Character Flooring

Use flooring that has varying character. A single-coloured carpet could make a larger room seem extremely bland. Wood flooring is great for adding character whilst not cluttering a room. The connotations of the finish are both luxurious and warm, creating that homely feel.

Above, Bosco Castagno Wood Effect Tiles and Hope Olive Gloss Brick Effect Wall Tiles

Accentuate and Accessorize

Carefully choose your ornaments and accessories. Our top tips would be:

1) Groups of threes in descending sizes.

2) Pick a colour palette and stick to it.

3) Go large with feature pieces.

4) Use lighting to bring out the best in your ornaments and artwork.

Above, Cosmic Bronze Lappato Floor Tiles

Ornamental Seating

Another key element for closing in on wall space is to house extra chairs. Include a table between two statement chairs with a large mirror or piece of artwork hanging above. The chairs can be both a piece of signature interior design and functional for when you have a lot of guests!

Above, Kooper, Accent Armchair, Teal Blue Velvet

Perfect Partitions

In a large, open space you may wish to create an area that feels more protective and intimate. Decorative screens are the key to an instant effect! A partially folded screen behind a sofa will allow you to create two separate areas, for example, a division between a living and dining room. An extra cosy effect would be to add lighting to your screen, also making it a feature!

Above, Flyte Panel Folding Room Divider

Mosaic Screens

A bathroom isn’t seen as the cosiest, or even warmest place of the house, especially if it is on a large scale, however, zoning areas within the bathroom could help add an element of seclusion and solitude. Use partition walls to create a screening effect around bath/shower areas, decorate them in mosaics turning these zones into luxury feature points.

Above, Pixel White Hexagon Matt Mosaic Tiles and Chatham Green Brick Tiles

Creative Lighting

The more light in a room, the more space you appear to have available. To create that cosy feel, use ambient lightings such as lamps, down-lighting and dimmer switches! Placement of lamps/candles is crucial. Pick only areas within a room that you want to highlight. Lamps of a larger scale will provide you with a more warming ambience, however, use lamps/candles at alternative heights as they take your eyes to different levels and will create the impression that the room is smaller.

We love this Napoli Glass Table Lamp from!

The more light in a room the more space you appear to have available, to create that cosy feel use ambient lightings such as lamps, down-lighting and dimmer switches! Using down lighting under cupboards and shelving will highlight particular areas, perhaps in an office the focus would be on the desk only, also used alongside a textured wall surface this will create a feature point in itself through a shadowing effect!

A dimmer switch will allow you to create an immediate ambience, change the mood, and add glamour and sex appeal to any room! As they say in Hollywood, ‘It’s all about the lighting.’

Above, Nashville Chandelier Pendant

Fantastic Fireplaces

For most rooms, a focal point will be based around the central point where you gather with family and friends for warmth, but what happens in summer when the fire isn’t lit? Add iridescent mosaics to the surround of your fireplace, as the sunlight shines through the window a display of colours will dance around your interior, creating the room’s summertime talking point, whilst the fire itself is on sabbatical.

Above, Chatham Carbon Brick Tiles and Scintilla Black Star Pattern Tiles

Opulent Ottomans

Sometimes a coffee table just isn’t enough of a strong feature between a spacious seating arrangement, substituting your coffee table for an upholstered ottoman will close the gap whilst adding an undeniable air of opulence within your interior! Contrasting colours and bold patterns could turn this into the talking point of your room!

Add a Feature Wall

Your room may already have a focal point such as a fireplace, or even a very large TV, however by adding a new dimension to your interior, you will be able to balance the flow of the room, the fire does not always need to be lit, the TV does not always need to be on but remember to choose something that is comfortable for everyone.

Potted Trees

Fill vertical height in rooms with tall ceilings or lonely corners with potted trees! As long as your space gets enough lights for the tree’s needs you can’t really go wrong with a giant house plant! Citrus trees make great additions to your home. Not only do lemon and lime trees emit a pleasing aroma, but the trees also give you easy access to fruits for juicing and cooking when they flower!

Two Tone Walls

Painting colour on your walls only partway up gives a cosier feeling by creating an optical illusion, tricking the eye into thinking the ceilings are lower than they really are! For the perfect colour contrast, try choosing one of the latest colour palettes released by Pantone. Complete your interior look by following your colour theme in coordination with your soft furnishings & accessories!

Above, Hope Blue Gloss Brick Effect Wall Tiles and Vernice Cloud Tiles

Create a personal space

Sometimes in a larger room, it’s always one particular corner that looks bare, create a small cosy space such as a reading nook, use ample texture and pattern to achieve a warming ambience, perhaps a personal touch would be a favourite piece of art or flower arrangement, a reading lamp and even a fur throw to wrap yourself in on those cold rainy days.

Warming Textures

Drape fur throws over sofa’s and chairs for homely appearance to your room – the throws and blankets at are irresistibly soft, you may even find yourself wrapped up in it when you’re not cold. By accessorising a fur throw into your reading nook, it could make it become your favourite space to curl up in!

Above, Holden, Cotton Knit Throw 130 x 170cm, Multi