If you're looking for white bathroom tiles, and you've budgeted less than £30 per Sqm, then this is the perfect selection for you...


1) White Metro Tiles


white metro tiles bathroom wall


When it comes to tiling a bathroom wall, there's one classic design that comes to mind - the traditional White Metro Tile. This brick shaped tile has a bevelled edge, which adds extra definition, and makes each tile 'pop' out from the wall. Our Retro Metro Tiles has a shimmering gloss finish that bounces light around the room. Shop now.



2) White Oak Polished Wood Effect Tiles


white wood effect tiles


Wooden floors add a nice, calming, natural base to any room throughout the home. However, natural wooden flooring can be expensive to install, and it scratches and marks easily. That's why hardy porcelain substitutes, such as these White Oak Polished Wood Effect Tiles, are a great alternative. They're incredibly lifelike. Shop now.



3) Burghal White Stone Tiles



The idea of using large format tiles on a wall is becoming increasingly popular. Why? Because they require less grout-lines, which makes a wall space look larger, more seamless, and more luxurious! Measuring in at 60x30cm, these Burghal White Stone Tiles fit the bill, and they have a have a lifelike stone effect design, which allows for a charming natural look. Shop now.



4) Scintilla Tiles


Scintilla star pattern tiles bathroom floor


Patterned tiles are the perfect way of making a statement in your home. They allow you to create a feature wall or floor, which instantly catches your guest's eye as they step into the room. Our most popular pattern tile - which you may have seen on Instagram - is the Scintilla Tile. A star shaped design in a classic black and white pattern, it has a slightly antiqued and weathered look, which adds oodles of vintage character! Shop now.



5) Smooth Metro 150x75 Tiles


smooth white metro tiles


Again, we come back to the classic wall tile - the brick shaped metro! Unlike its bevelled counterpart, the smooth metro tile has a completely flat surface, so it doesn't stand out from the wall. These Smooth 150x75 Metro Tiles have a glossy finish, and look fantastic when grouted with anthracite grout. They're easy to install in a whole range of interesting and eye-catching layouts, such as the herringbone pattern shown above. Shop now.



6) Herringbone Mosaic Tiles


Herringbone mosaic tiles bathroom


Mosaic tiles have been used in interior design since the Ancient times. These Herringbone Mosaic Tiles allow you to quickly and easily impress this striking and popular fishbone pattern across your surfaces. Because they're made from porcelain, they're durable and long lasting, and can be used on both walls and floors. For a more subtle approach, choose a white grout. To really accentuate the pattern, choose a dark contrasting grout. Shop now.



7) Bumpy Metro Tiles



One fabulous way of making a wall space more interesting is to play around with the surface texture. A twist on the traditional brick shaped tile, these Bumpy Metro Tiles have an interesting undulating design, where the surface rises and falls ever so slightly. Shop now.


8) Cappella Marble Effect Tiles


cappella marble effect tiles


The bathroom is the space where lots of us like to relax and unwind after a long day - either by soaking in the tub, or by rinsing away the stress of the day under the spray of the shower. Creating a calming natural scheme in the room is one sure-fire way of aiding in this process of relaxation, and a great way of achieving this is to introduce stone effect textures and surfaces. These lifelike Cappella Marble Effect Tiles are alive with dark veining draped over a white backdrop. Not only do they help to create the natural scheme, but they also inject an exclusive and luxurious look. Shop now.



9) Linear Blanco Tiles


30x10 linear white metro tiles


Similar to the Smooth Metro Tiles we looked at earlier, these brick shaped Linear Blanco Tiles have a flat surface too, but in a more elongated design. Measuring in at 30x10cm, these tiles offer a fresh twist on the classic brick tile. White tiles help to add a bright and refreshing new look. Shop now.



10) Matt White Metro Tiles


white matt metro tiles


Whilst glossy surfaces are a popular choice for bathroom walls, there is a growing demand for choosing more subtle matt finishes. If you find yourself leaning towards a matt tile over a glossy one, then you'll love this Matt White Metro Tile. It has the same classic brick shape and definitive bevel that you know and love. Shop now.



Upping the budget

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