Want to transform your home with tiles this season, but you're stuck with a tight budget? Don't worry - we have some fantastic suggestions on how you can create a gorgeous look without breaking the bank. Here's our 'How To Tile Your Home on a Tight Budget' guide...


How To Tile Your Home on a Tight Budget

Above: Archaic Wood Effect Tiles


Cheaper than the high street

Firstly, if you think that tiles are expensive, then you've probably only been shopping on the high street. With costly overheads, etc, high street shops often ramp up the prices. When it comes to buying online, however, tiles really aren't as expensive as you might think. At Walls and Floors, we have tiles from just £3.95 per Sqm. For all the best value tiles, check out our ENORMOUS selection of cheap tiles.



Above: Coast Tiles


Create a splashback

If it's your kitchen that needs a refresh, have you considered creating a splashback? A splashback is an easily wipeable surface that stands behind a sink or cooker, and catches any specks of water or pan fat! Splashbacks are often the first thing your guests see as they step into the kitchen so, by being clever and choosing tiles that are colourful or patterned, you can create a HUGE impact with a relatively SMALL and INEXPENSIVE area of wall space! Browse these wall tiles and choose something with character.


patchwork mosaic tiles

Above, Patchwork Mosaic Tiles have been used to create a colourful, textured, patterned splashback behind a kitchen sink!


Don't think that you need to choose something colourful or patterned, though! You can simply opt for classic white metro tiles, but add personality through the use of your tile layout. Here at Walls and Floors, we're BIG fans of the herringbone pattern, as shown below.





Create a statement 'rug'

If you want to bring a floor space to life, but you can't afford to cover the whole floor in striking patterned tiles, why not create a statement 'rug'? This is where you only use a small block of patterned tiles, and you surround them with plainer, cheaper tiles.



Above: Zeinah Tiles


Get the natural look for less

A major interior design trend heading into 2018 and 2019 is the idea of creating a natural scheme. Wood effect tiles are a huge part of this trend. Unlike natural wood, they don't require ongoing treatment and maintenance, and they're more resistant to stains and scratches. None of our wood effect tiles are too expensive, but if you're on an extra tight budget, then try our gorgeous Sylvan Wood Effect Tiles (see below). They're £12.95 per Sqm. No, that's not a typo.




Jazz up the white

It's no secret that plain white tiles are the cheapest type of wall tiles. But if your budget forces you to use them, that doesn't mean your tiling project have to be plain and characterless! Use mosaic tiles, which cost as little as 99p, to combine with your white tiles and create a feature strip, or a border!



Above: Vitrose Tiles and White Gloss Smooth Tiles


How To Tile Your Home on a Tight Budget: Consider finance

At Walls and Floors, we understand that not everybody immediately has the money available to unlock their dream home. That's why we offer zero interest finance schemes over 6, 9 and 12 months, so that you can spread the cost of your tiling project into more affordable installments. For more information on our finance options, visit this page.


swoonworthy wood effect tiles

Above: Swoonworthy Wood Effect Tiles


There you have it - some tips for how to tile your home on a tight budget! Feel free to share it with your friends.






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