How to Use Black in the Bathroom

Looking to create a bold appearance in your home? A lot of people are wary of adding too much black to their homes, but this dark shade can be captivating and elegant when used in the right way.

Is having a black bathroom a good idea?

Black is a timeless, elegant colour for the home, but many people are scared of this dramatic shade because it can sometimes make a space feel small. However, darker colours can make your interiors feel cosy and inviting as well, promoting a sense of calm decadence that’s becoming more and more popular in the home.

How do you brighten up a black bathroom?

Mirrors, good lighting and greenery are all fantastic additions to a black bathroom. Mirrors will create the illusion of more space, good lighting will stop it from feeling too dark and dreary, and plants can uplift the space, adding dimension and texture.

1. Bathroom Mountain 2. Patch Plants 3. Cult Furniture 4. Beards and Daisies 5. MADE.com 6. Patch Plants 7. Victorian Plumbing 8. Beards and Daisies 9. MADE.com 10. Oliver Bonas 11. Patch Plants 12. Dunelm

Half and half

If you want to incorporate black into your bathroom whilst still maintaining an open, spacious feel, then the half and half style is the way to go. Limiting the dark tiles to the bottom and adding white on top still allows a light and airy atmosphere. We love the black grout on the metro tiles to bring the look together!

Above, Cosmic Night Black Lappato Tiles

Natural patterns

Break up the black with a natural pattern, such as our Mizuki™ Ink Terrazzo Effect Ceramic Tiles. Perfect for creating a timeless, elegant look, these terrazzo tiles are a lovely contrast to the black-painted walls.


The perfect pairing of black and white, the checkerboard style is perhaps one of the most popular examples of black and white tiles. Whether you’re going for a modern or Victorian-style appearance, you’ll be sure to impress your guests with this stylish look.

Above, Soho Nero Black Marble Effect Tiles

Inject some colour

A perfect complement to the deep shade of these Deluxe Obsidian Ultra Gloss Black Marble Effect Tiles, our Victorian Green Metro Tiles create a bright, opulent look. Their bevelled edges reflect the light for additional vibrancy.

Above, Deluxe Obsidian Ultra Gloss Black Marble Effect Tiles

All black

Looking to go all out? Create a dark and luxurious appearance in your bathroom by using black on the walls and floors. Our large format Salon Porcelain Black Polished Tiles have a polished finish that doesn’t absorb the light too much.

Above, Salon Porcelain Black Polished Tiles

Retro chic

Our Gatsby Noir Tiles have an ornate, encaustic appearance, perfect for creating a statement look in your bathroom. When paired with an opulent roll-top bath and small, textured metro tiles on the wall, it creates a dreamy retro look.

Black Bathroom Features

If you want to add a touch of black without going all out, why not try adding black bathroom features?

Here are a few of our favourites!

1. John Lewis 2. Bathroom Mountain 3. Wayfair 4. Dunelm 5. Victorian Plumbing 6. Bathroom Mountain 7. Dunelm 8. Dunelm

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Anna Marie Clementson
Anna Marie Clementson