Unlock Your Dream Living Room: Latest Trends and Design Ideas

The living area. It’s a place where we like to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. But it’s also a place where we entertain, when our guests come round. So it’s important that we get our lounges and sitting rooms looking good. We’re going to take you through a few quick updates, along with some of the latest living area design trends, to help you revive your lounge.


An interior design trend that has been growing over the last few years is the ottoman – a raised, padded, square-shouldered piece of furniture, which can sit in the centre or to the side of a room. They’re usually covered with material, and can act as  extra seating, or as a foot rest. Depending on the firmness of the surface, ottomans can be used as a substitute for a coffee table – simply apply your coasters, and voilà! If you have a large, impersonal room which you want to shrink down a little, to help make it seem more homely and cosy, ottomans are perfect for breaking up a vast floor space. For more tips on this topic, visit our blog on Making A Large Room Seem Smaller.

Ottoman in living room

Check Mate

Show your playful side my display an ornamental chess set. Stand it on a table or Ottoman. It will bring a more sophisticated look to your living room, whilst showing that you like to unwind. Shop around for a set that matching your decor. Remember that the natural look is an incredibly popular interior trend right now – so you may want to go for pieces with a marble or wood grain effect. On a recent episode of BBC’s Dragons’ Den, interior designer Kelly Hoppen confessed that she loves the look of a chessboard in a living area.

Chessboard in living room

Take A Leaf Out of Our Book

If your living area faces the street, and you don’t have a leafy view, you can create your own. Invite some indoor plants into the room. Add cushions with leafy designs on. And, most importantly, add leafy textiles to your walls. We have a selection of floral, efflorescent designs to choose from.

This Boysenberry Tile is exclusive to us. It belongs to our Louisa Charlotte Collection – a range of designer pieces. It has a glittery vine pattern in the foreground, which ties in nicely with Marsala – Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2015.

floral leaf tiles

These Orleans Tiles are also part of the Louisa Charlotte Collection. They have a mosaic effect design, and depict striking red flowers with silver leaves against a trellis background. Ideal for adding an exclusive, opulent look to a living area wall.

striking orleans tiles

floral flowers mosaic effect tiles


The minimalist wave did away with the idea of having a clock in the living room. They became unessential – with the arsenal of digital faces surrounding us in our homes – ipads, phones, laptops. But now, the living room clock is coming back in a big way! They’re being used as feature pieces – and are being hung up above the fireplace, or above the television set. For an on-trend interior clock, go vintage with this Cream Station Wall Clock from Tesco – £30.

station wall clock

Whites and Woods

When it comes to decorating your room, it’s a smart move to choose light or neutral colours for the walls and floors. ‘But won’t that make my room look plain?’ You staple your theme into the room through the colours and materials choices of your accessories. For example, a different coloured cushion cover, or a £20 ornament from Dunelm. These are the easy things to change. When you feel like a theme swap, simply change the colour of your accessories – and because your walls and floors are already a nice neutral colour, you have the flexibility to change your accessories again and again.

A major interior design trend right now is the idea of inviting the natural look into your home, by introducing wood effects and stone effects. To help you stick to the neutral theme, we have a selection of lighter wood effect tiles to choose from – like our white-washed Vintage Plank Tiles. Whilst the wood grain and knots are still present, the tile is pale – allowing you to create a light, neutral backdrop in your living area, which you can then accessorize to to your heart’s content.

vintage wood tiles

Alternatively, for a rich, wood, realistic wood effect floor area, how about these Samanea Tiles?

wood effect tiles living room

Or for a decorative parquet effect, try these Vintage Wood Tiles – another member of our Louisa Charlotte Collection.

vintage wood effect tiles

Dress your room with light

As any good interior designer will tell you, lighting is key when it comes to create an ambience in a room – and ambience is exactly what you need, when it comes to the living room. One way to create ambient lighting is to create several layers of light. Start of with the ceiling light – choose a nice, stylish option, and fit a dimmer switch to control the amount of light beaming down. We recommend these starkey pendant bulbs from our friends at Made.com.

bedroom light bare bulbs pendant

Moving downward in height, it’s time to turn your attention to side lights. These will sit approximately five to six feet in height. If you’ve got side lights fitted to your walls, then great. If not, go for a tall floor lamp. This Curva Chrome Lamp has a nice metallic finish.

floor lamp argos

Finally, we get to the lowest level of lighting – the table lamp. The reading light that you sit on a side table or ottoman. If you want to break away from the traditional stem-and-shade shape, go for something fun and decorative – like this Varby LED Table Lamp. £10 from IKEA.

stunning decorative table lamp ikea

Slim Shadey

Curtains are gradually becoming a thing of the past. They’re usually pretty bulky, and take up a lot of wall space on either side of the window – not to mention the ghastly rail running along the top. Blinds or shutters are much more slimline – and with websites that take tailored measurements, you can fit them right inside the window-frame for a snug finish!

Window blinds in living room

So there we have it! A guide for bringing your living area up to date. Will you be inviting any of the above themes into your lounge? Let us know over on Facebooktwitter or Google+ or leave a comment below!



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  • Maggie C
    Maggie C on March 1, 2015 at 11:52 am
    Love the lighting idea!
  • tracy jones
    tracy jones on December 26, 2015 at 5:01 pm
    was really intrested in your oak vintage wood tiles for my project im doing but i need it to work for underfloor heating inside and when the bifolds are open outside on patio too , do these tiles work out side in all weathers and are anti slip as i wanted the space to look as one when doors are pull open if you could let me no that would be great many thanks tracy jones coventry
    • Walls and Floors
      Walls and Floors on January 13, 2016 at 4:23 pm
      Hi Tracy, Thank you for your query. We were out of office for a few days over Christmas. Here are two links to wood effect tile ranges that are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, are suitable for use with underfloor heating, and have anti-slip options available... https://www.wallsandfloors.co.uk/range/vintage-wood-tiles https://www.wallsandfloors.co.uk/range/vintage-wood-plank-tiles Many thanks, Callum - Chief Writer, Walls and Floors Blog

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