Welcome to the latest instalment of #FilmFriday! Each week I choose a famous movie, I take themes from it, and I piece together a decor scheme to help you capture that movie in your home. Previously, I've tackled Titanic, The Godfather, and Gladiator. This week, I'm delving into the world of everybody's favourite adventurer; Indiana Jones.


Indiana Jones Decor Scheme


Indiana Jones originally appeared in Raiders of the Lost Ark back in 1981. Working alongside Star Wars mastermind George Lucas, Stephen Speilberg directed the ultimate adventure movie. It focused on a part-time-university-tutor, part-time-treasure-hunter as he raced with Nazis to find the legendary Ark of the Covenant; an artefact with devastating power. We were plunged into booby-trapped jungle temples and snake-carpeted Egyptian tombs; into a world of vine-riddled slate, tarnished sandstone and priceless golden idols. A world of enchantment, wonder and mystery. I've tried to recreate some of these feelings in this week's décor scheme!


1) Remember right at the start of Raiders, when Indy is making his way through the temple in the jungle? He gets the idol and then, as he dashes back through the gruelling course, he's narrowly missed by cross-waves of soaring arrows? Capture that scene with this fantastic Tribal Wall Print. It even has a tribal pattern in the background! £3.98, Etsy.


2) Capture the tarnished look of Indy's trademark leather jacket with this Limited Leather Ottoman. Use it in place of a coffee table in the centre of the living room, or cast it over to one side as a background feature. £384.00, Wayfair.


3) Keeping with the Aztec theme, this Planter Pot (for internal or external plants) has tribal cross-hatching around its rim; perfect for injecting some Aztecian style into your scheme. £22.95, eBay.


4) For further tribal enforcement, try this Fairmont Flatwave Tribal Rug in stony grey. £89.99, Argos.


5) To help add some golden hues into your scheme, I've included this Metal Arrow Wall Art. £18.59, Etsy.


6) To add a characterful, textured, ancient appearance to your wall spaces, try these Rustic Splitface Tiles. Made from lengths of slate, they're perfect for adding interest to an interior wall area.


7) To help capture that Egyptian temple vibe, try this Ancient Fortress Corfe Tile. £49.95, Walls and Floors.


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