Introducing Our New Collection: Pick n Mix Tiles

Combining optimistic colour and joyful design, Walls and Floors’ newest collection, Pick n’ Mix is designed in a fresh and playful colour palette that emanates 70’s style for a cheerful, nostalgic feeling in your home.

Made from durable ceramic with a shimmering gloss finish, this collection features five coloured tiles and two patterned tiles with a soft geometric design that can be placed in a multitude of ways to create your own unique look.

Plain tiles

Designed to match a number of colours, patterns and styles, Pick n’ Mix is a versatile collection containing four stunning plain tiles in a variety of playful hues.


Our Blueberry Pick n’ Mix Gloss Tiles are designed in a deep shade of blue that emanates feelings of depth and tranquillity for a calming feel.


Our Macaron Pick n’ Mix Gloss Tiles are designed in a warm shade of cream for a soft, soothing look that’s effortless to pair with different colours, patterns and designs.


Our Marmalade Pick n’ Mix Gloss Tiles bring forth feelings of nostalgia and warmth, designed in a sunny shade of orange that takes influence from Indian heritage.


Soothing and serene, our Pistachio Pick n’ Mix Gloss Tiles are designed in an uplifting shade of green that’s sure to brighten up any room they’re in.


The perfect base colour for any style of room, our Mallo Tiles are designed in a classic shade of white, making the perfect base for your interiors.

Patterned tiles

Charming and bold, Pick n’ Mix’s patterned tiles are designed to be moved around in different styles so that you can create a unique look for your home!

Blueberry vogue

Our Blueberry Vogue Pick n’ Mix Gloss Tiles feature a soft geometric design in soothing shades of blue with white accents to expand and define the oceanic colour palette. 

Marmalade Rene

Our Marmalade Rene Pick n’ Mix Gloss Tiles feature a soft geometric design in sun-drenched shades of orange and cream. 

How would you style our Pick n’ Mix Tiles? We’d love to know! Tag us in your projects on Instagram @wallsandfloors.

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