Italian Inspirations: New Calacatta Grey Tiles

Marble is a long-sought after splendour; Walls and Floors have launched their newest range of marble effect tiles as inspired by Italian luxury.

The new Calacatta Grey tiles inject beautiful design into homes with their lifelike veining and soft, monochrome colourway – perfect as a subtle canvas for intricate design choices.

Crafted from sturdy white body ceramic, these tiles are perfect for wall design. Striking, lifelike patterns create an opulent and expensive feel in their design, yet they boast an affordable price point of £18.95 per SQM.

Modern twists on classic designs are ever evolving, and at Walls and Floors, this collection includes tiles that amalgamate high in demand trends for unique and sought after interior design styles.

Accentuate the beauty of Calacatta Grey with the matching linear décor tile, a stylish and subtly dimensional way to integrate modernity in to classic marble design; with their 40x25cm dimension, they’re the tile to have in contemporary homes.

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