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If you ever caught Cowboy Builders over on Channel 5, then you'll understand the concept behind Bad Builder's: Bang To Rights. It's ITV1's brand new home renovation / slap-on-the-wrist-for-bogus-builders vehicle, and it stars Dominic Littlewood. He's on the hunt for people who have been wronged by builders - families and couples who have been left out of pocket, and with drab, shoddy, half-finished building jobs. He found one such family in Hungerford.


Dominic Littlewood on ITV's bad builders


Wendy's son Josh was just ten weeks old when he had his first seizure. He was diagnosed with severe epilepsy, and requires around-the-clock attention to ensure he is safe from harm. With Josh's father not around, Wendy felt she could barely cope, so she invited her sister Barbara to live with them, and for years the sisters cared for Josh together.


When Josh turned sixteen, they decided it would be appropriate to add an extension onto the house, so that Josh could have his own space. They could fit a wet room for him, to make showering and cleaning him easier, and they could give him a larger bedroom. Little did they know, the builder they were eyeing up for the job was a cowboy.




The structure went up - a silver-clad, porous block on the side of their house. Without finishing phase 1 of the build, the builder was demanding the money for phase 2, and Wendy and Barbara decided they had no option to terminate the contract. The builder tried to take them to caught, and they tried to counter-claim, but it all came to nothing, and the sisters were left with an ugly silver tumour on the face of their home.


building project on Bad Builders


Seven years passed by. They carpeted the inside of the extension, and painted the walls, to try to make the most of it. However, because of the lack of cladding on the exterior walls, the structure wasn't water tight, and the carpet became waterlogged. It squelched underfoot when the sisters walked on it, and it smelt terrible. Futhermore, the wet room and bedroom they'd dreamt of for Josh hadn't happened.


Dom and the crew arrived at the house, and announced to the sisters that they'd be taking on the extension, to get it finished - with the help of celebrated interior designer Pippa Jameson, an army of local tradesmen and donations from shops and businesses. Pippa set to work, and came to us with her tiling requests.


In the downstairs sitting area, she noticed that the walls and window struts were bright red, and distracted from the view of the garden. This was the first thing she changed - painting them a nice light, neutral colour, to help the eye look out into the garden.


living room plants and view


Next, she went upstairs, and drew some inspiration from Josh's childhood bedroom. The shelves were laden with racing cars. In his new and improved room, she had a local artist come in, to paint sports cars onto the walls.


bad builders boys bedroom


Outside, Dom's resident builder got to work fixing cladding to the shell of the extension. The slats overlapped one enough, so that ran would run downwards, rather than soaking through - making the structure waterproof, at last!


wooden cladding on bad builders house


In the kitchen area, Red Brick Shaped Metro Tiles were used to create a splashback, around the back of the work surface. They helped to brighten up the room! They go fantastically with the black cupboard doors.


stylish living room with red metro tiles


The team then turned their attention to the wet room, which was desperately needed to help the sisters wash Josh. Red mosaic tiles were fitted on the walls, whilst anti-slip Grey Speckle Tiles were laid on the floor, to ensure plenty of grip on slippery feet.


red mosaic tiles in bathroom


Neighbours came round in flocks to add finishing touches to the garden area. One even built them a bird house.


Finally, the project was finished. The kitchen had had a makeover. The soggy carpet in the living area had been taken away. The wet room was finished. And Josh's new bedroom had been decorated in accordance to his love of motor cars.


Dom brought the sisters, and Josh, into the house to look around. They were elated with the results, and broke down in tears. Although the builder had left them penniless, and they were forced to live in a damp, unfinished shell, Dom and the team had managed to transform the building into a home! It was fresh, clean, watertight, fit for purpose, and would see Wendy, Barbara and Josh through many years to come.





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