Jack’s Teal Shower Room – Antique Crackle Metro Tiles

When Jack came to creating his shower room, he wanted to use bold, striking and on-trend colours. That’s why he opted for a teal scheme. Somewhere between blue and green, this aquatic colour has been an interior design trend for some time now and it’s still as trendy as ever! It instantly refreshes a wall space. Jack used our Monceau Bleu Crackle Metro Tiles to inject this colour into his shower room.

teal metro tiles in shower

Cool and warm contrast

In contrast to the cold blue tone, Jack has added a warm brass shower unit! This creates a fantastic colour balance. If you’ve never taken a look at a colour wheel, you should try it some time – particularly if you’re deciding a colour scheme. The colours that sit opposite each other complement each other. One is always cool, and one is always warm. Opposite blue are the orange and yellow tiles – hence when brass goes so well with these teal tiles. For more information on the colour wheel, read: 3 Quick Tips for Choosing A Colour Scheme.

Teal metro bathroom wall tiles

Period floor

On the floor, Jack has opted for white octagon tiles with black squares linking them together. Overall, with the antique metro tiles and the rustic metallic shower unit, this creates a throwback period look, and we love it!