Customer Style Focus: Jessica’s Industrial Kitchen

Jessica Craig recently won back the cost of her tiles in our Before and After competition! She used a mix of Smooth Metro Tiles and Rustic Oak Tiles to create a striking and stylish industrial kitchen / dining space. We interviewed her about the project…


How would you describe your room before you decorated it, and what made you decide to decorate?

The house previously had a galley kitchen, tucked away at the side of the house, with minimal natural light and limited entertaining space. We decided to demolish an ugly timber conservatory and move the kitchen to a more prominent location, opening the space up to create a large kitchen and dining area. The brief to our architect was to simply create a kitchen area that had an abundance of natural light, with a rustic feel throughout.

When it came to decorating, where did you take your inspiration from?

We spent a lot of time researching online, looking at sites like Houzz.com and Pinterest. This enabled us to capture and collate ideas that we then shared with friends. In some ways it was a the most challenging part of the project, but it really helped with the final decision.


Did you choose your décor / colour scheme around your choice of tiles, or did you choose tiles to fit in with a scheme you’d already chosen?

Once we had decided on wood effect tiles, we ordered a lot of samples and assessed their compatibility with the timber frame already in place in the house. It was important that the colours complemented each other but didn’t match completely, we didn’t want the wood effect to be overbearing.

What drew you to the tiles you chose?

The tiles looked great in the space, were durable enough for the space and a great price.

Did you do the tiling work yourself, or did you hire a tiler?

We have a good friend that happens to be one of the best professional tillers in the area, luckily he was available and excited to work with such a large space.

What part of the industrial kitchen project did you find the most challenging?

There was definitely challenges in meeting each critical deadline, the kitchen fit our date was fixed and as a result we had to have the tiles in place by a certain date. This put pressure on our builders and window suppliers, which called on all our project management experience to ensure everyone had what they needed at the right time to ensure no delays. If we were to do it again we would undoubtedly give ourselves more time.


What’s your favourite accessory in the room, now that it’s finished, and where did you find it?

We would have to say the kitchen island unit, it is the central hub of the house and the area we spend the most time at as a family.

Have you had any compliments on your rustic project, from your family and friends?

Yes, people are always complementing the room, and amazed at the size of the space. The way the tiles flow throughout the ground floor is something that always gets noticed whenever we have new people around.

After the industrial kitchen project, do you have any more decorating projects lined up around the house?

No that is it, the house is finished and we just plan to enjoy it now.

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What would you say to people who are thinking about buying tiles from Walls and Floors?

The service from start to finish was fantastic, but most importantly they offered a good range of products at excellent value. So we would not have a problem using them again.


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