Join us on an adventure into the wild…

We’ve trekked through the undergrowth of the tropics, braved the desolate desert and been on safari across the African plains to bring to you our own collection of tiles straight from the wilderness! So pack your bags and join us on an adventure into the wild.

Our adventure begins as we journey deep into uncharted forest; trudging through the foliage…

forest decor tiles
Better get your machetes out! As we continue through the forest, the bracken grows tall and thick. The cottonwood vines block our path. Chop them down, and clear the way!

cottonwood tiles

We hear the crunching of crisp dead leaves underfoot.

autumn leaf tiles

A narrow, winding river blocks our path. We take off our shoes, roll up the cuffs of our trousers, and take a step into the fresh, brisk water. As we make our way across the riverbed, the sensation of smooth river pebbles soothe the soles of our feet.

river pebble tiles

After an exhausting hike, we see a clearing in the distance,. Approaching, we find ourselves standing on the plains of Africa! It’s time to go on Safari!

We seek shelter from the scorching heat under a large tree and find ourselves near a large watering hole. We watch a herd of grazing White Rhinos, observing their creamy stone like skin…


A family of Elephants try to cool off in the waterhole; protecting their thick, grey, textured skin from the sun…


…Take cover! Charging Black Buffalos!


A group of Giraffes appear. As they casually graze amongst the lofty trees, we take a moment to admire their beautiful geometrical markings…



Everything goes silent. No one moves. We get the feeling that someone or something is watching us. Quietly, we take cover in nearby bushes, and we watch, patiently. We see streaks of orange fur through the tall glass; strobing against the thick black strands. A tiger emerges through the undergrowth; vibrant and majestic; bold black markings cresting its sleek and muscular body.


It’s spotted a herd of grazing Zebra, and crouches down; ready to attack.


We leave the wilds of the African Plains and head deep into the Amazon Rainforest with our Amazonia Honed Slate effect tiles…


Rummaging through the rainforest, we startle a gigantic snake that was hiding amid the undergrowth; camouflaged by its scaly, textured skin…


We find a weathered old fishing boat resting on the shore, and ride it downstream. The river flows fast, and we keep a lookout for the bald snouts and flared nostrils of preying crocodiles; lurking in the water.


The river opens out onto the ocean, and we drift out to sea. The water shimmers and sparkles under the sun…


THUD. We hit the sandy shore of a mysterious island, in the middle of the ocean.


Staring up, we see a thick cluster of trees, and hear the singing of birds and the splash of a waterfall. We head up the beach – towards the mouth of the dense foliage. Passing through a small opening, we find a narrow track, and follow it deeper into the forest. Then we come to a set of gates – tall and bold, and made from solid gold…


And on them, in bold letters, is the word EDEN. We push them open, and pass through. Before us, laid out like some beautiful scene from an oil painting, is a glowing pool of water. A constant, solid stream of water sloshes into it; running off the glistening face of rock behind. Surrounding the pool, crowning it, is a nest of gorgeous purple vines…


We stay a long time – relaxing in the pool; the gentle glow warming our skin. We watch as the leaves of the vines around us glisten under the light. It’s just beautiful. The sky above us begins to grow dark, and we know it’s time to leave. We run the boat back into the water, and find our way home by the stars. But we never quite forget that mysterious garden, hidden at the heart of that island.


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