As the leading tile experts, here at Walls and Floors, we are constantly pioneering new looks for your home! Introducing 'Jungle Luxe' - our latest decor scheme, and one of our favourites! Here's how to create the look...


jungle luxe isoline tiles brick


Jungle Luxe: The inspiration

There's nothing more enchanting than the mysterious, beautiful and wondrous ruins that can be found in the jungles of the Amazon and Cambodia. These ancient stone temples and palaces have gradually deteriorated overtime, and now stand alone; entwined with the foliage of the jungle.

They once would have homed some of the most important people in the lands, and would have been filled with treasures; jewels and gold. We wanted to capture some of this luxe and mystique in a decor scheme! Hence 'Jungle Luxe.'



How to achieve the scheme

Firstly, you'll need a stony base to the room you're decorating. If natural stone is a little out of your price range, or if you'd rather opt for something that requires a little less maintenance, then fear not - there's a huge selection of lifelike stone effect tiles to choose from.



Add your 'tile temple'

Next up, you need to create the 'temple' aspect of the scheme on your main wall. To achieve this, we recommend using a brick-shaped tile. We used our very own Sea Mist Tiles from the Isoline Tiles collection. Choose a subtly contrasting paint and give your wall a couple of coats - leaving a large triangle for your tiles. Then, get creative! Tile a rough 'temple' shape, like we have in the picture below. First time DIYer? This'll help: How to Tile A Wall video.

Top tip: We used a mix of matt and gloss tiles in the same colour to create an enchanting blend. 



Inject some treasures!

As we mentioned earlier, these temples would have been filled with treasures back in the day; in particular gold! Therefore, it's only fitting that your very own jungle temple should host some golden treasures, too! Warm metallics perfectly contrast our choice of cool-coloured tiles.

Fortunately, gold is a trending interior tone right now, so there's no shortage of stylish gold accessories in the likes of Dunelm and Oliver Bonas. You could even scout around some antique fares and see what fab finds you can pick up! Add the Midas touch to your scheme.


gold accessories bathroom decor scheme


Introduce your jungle

No jungle scheme would be complete without a little foliage. Indoor plants have never been trendier - so inject some greenery into your room. Ferns, in particular, are very jungle-icious. These leafy additions will finish off your Jungle Luxe scheme beautifully.


indoor plants


Jungle Luxe Decor Scheme: Done!

There you have it - your very own Jungle Luxe look. Invite your friends and family round to show it off! The compliments will come flooding in. Enjoy!


Jungle Luxe Decor Scheme



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