Keep the Kids Busy: Make A Father’s Day Gift!

Father’s Day is on June 21st 2015. It’s slowly creeping up on us! If the kids are feeling restless, why not get them to do some arts and crafts, and create a Father’s Day gift? It’ll be more heartfelt and meaningful if they’ve helped make it themselves.

We’ll be working with our ‘Dad’ Scrabble Tile set. At just £14.45, it won’t break the bank, and it’s the perfect starting point for creating an arty, crafty gift!

scrabble coffee coaster set

Create a coaster set

This one is nice and easy! Transform your Scrabble Tiles into a vintage coaster set to drape across a coffee table or dining table. They’ll be practical when he’s having his morning coffee, and decorative when he’s not.

You will need:

- Sticky pads (available at Wilko).

- ‘Dad’ Scrabble Tile Set.

- A cardboard gift box, at least 110mm x 110mm in width and length.

- Tissue paper (colour of your choosing).

- Safety scissors.

arts and crafts scrabble tiles


1) Turn the Scrabble Tile over.

2) Peel off a sticky foam pad.

3) Press it firmly into the corner of the tile – at least 5mm from both edges.

4) Turn the tile over. There you have it! A Scrabble Tile coaster. Repeat for all 3 tiles.


Wrapping / presentation:

1) Take a sheet of tissue paper and loosely roll it up.

folding tissue paper

2) Cut into thin strips using safety scissors.

cutting tissue paper with scissors

3) Bundle the strips together and mash them up into a ball.

shredded tissue paper

4) Put about half into the gift box. This will act as packing, to help protect the tiles.

gift box tissue paper

5) Stack your three coaster tiles, and lower them into the box.

gift box scrabble tiles

6) Cover over with the remainder of tissue paper, and put the lid on.

Voilà! There you have it – a Father’s Day gift with a spot of arty crafty home-made charm.


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