Customer Style Focus: Kelly’s Hexagonal Bathroom

hexagon tiles project

Kelly Pike won our Stylish Spaces before and after competition with her fantastic brick and hexagonal tile bathroom transformation. Here’s a quick interview about her project…


hexagon tiles pattern


How would you describe your bathroom before you decorated it, and what made you decide to decorate?

Well, the whole house was (still is) a bit of a project. It had been rented out for a couple of years before we bought it and the bathroom had had a basic refit but wasn’t practical for a growing and young family bathroom – i.e there was no shower and no tiling!, and it was tiny. We stole extra space for a decent sized shower from a bedroom and put in a clever diagonal wall, which while it only added about 50cmsq but made a huge difference to the layout of the room.


pattern floor tiles bathroom


When it came to decorating, where did you take your inspiration from?

I’m a heavy (my husband would say addicted) user of Pinterest and Instagram and I subscribe to various interiors mags. I loved the contrast between wood and tile, the sense of the unexpected.


herringbone metro tiles


What drew you to the tiles you chose?

I love encaustic geometric tiles as they fit with our Victorian house but we had neither the time (cement tiles need to be seals amongst other things) nor the budget. I’m a bit of a monochrome lover and geometric monochrome tiles are not that easy to come by. I really wanted the floor to make a statement and the hexagonal tile really did that – so much so that we extended it up the wall! Plus it fitted with 1970s vibe we wanted. Because the floor was such a statement, we needed something classic so as to not overwhelm the room, hence the brick tile in white. You can’t go wrong with a metro tile!


geometric bathroom tiles


Did you do the tiling work yourself, or did you hire a tiler?

I run a business and have two children under 3. I hired a tiler!


metro tiles splashback


What part of the project did you find the most challenging?

Organizing all the trades. I think a bathroom project has the most challenges to it per sq metre than any other room in the house. It was a bit of a baptism by fire as it was my first major house project.


metro brick tiles wall


What’s your favourite accessory in the bathroom, now that it’s finished, and where did you find it?

The 1970s rosewood sideboard from Denmark. I love the juxtaposition of an unusual piece of furniture in the bathroom. The contrast between the tile and the wood. The bathroom is still small even though we stole bits of space from other rooms, so the small size of the sideboard was quite hard to source and it’s really pleasing that it works. An added bonus is the storage. An absolute essential to hide all the plastic that comes with small children. I found it from a local vintage furniture importer in Bristol called Modernistiks.


contour hexagonal hexagon tiles


Have you had any compliments on your project, or the hexagonal tiles, from your family and friends?

I’m not sure my take on mid-century modern bathroom is to everyone’s tastes but I love it. But my Pilates teacher said it passed her ‘nice places to go to the loo’ test and I’m happy with that!


contour hexagon bathroom tiles


Do you have any more decorating projects lined up around the house?

This is an old Victorian house and I think I’ve realised that the job will never be done. The kitchen is the next big project and I wouldn’t be surprised if those geometric tiles make another appearance on the floor.


hexagonal floor tiles bathroom


What would you say to people who are thinking about buying tiles from Walls and Floors?

The service was great. My initial order was missing a few boxes but it was sorted out by the lovely customer services people super quick. I’ve recommended them to friends because the value vs style quota is just right.

Thank you for letting us find out more about your hexagonal bathroom, Kelly! We look forward to seeing your future decorating projects as you continue to renovate your Victorian House. If you like the look of the hexagonal tiles used, you can take a closer look here: Contour Hexagon Tiles.



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