Kid’s Play: 8 Nursery Decorating Ideas

Cork nursery decorating ideas

Got a little one on the way, and want to make a start on a nursery, ready for their arrival? Or maybe you’ve already got a kid or two, and you want to treat them to a cool playroom? Or, you’ve already got a nursery, it’s it’s in need of a refresh? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together 8 great decorating ideas for your nursery areas. From cool toys and accessories, through to child-safe flooring, we’ve covered it all…

1) Introduce a wigwam

The interior design world is obsessed with all things Wild West this season – and this extends into children’s playhouses, too. Wigwam dens are being sold in all the major home stores. With their decorative, colourful patterns, they’re perfect for injecting some character into an interior area, and they make for great hide-outs for kids. Plonk one in the corner of your nursery, and they’ll have hours of fun!

2) Write a story on the wall

If you’re left with a large, plain wall space you don’t know what to do with, why not write part of a children’s story on the wall/ It will take a steadier hand – but if you’re not confident, you can always use a stencil, or hire an artist for a couple of hours. Quote a page from your favourite children’s book.

3) Paint a magnetic road on the wall

Creating a cool escape for a boy? Then you’re going to need something automotive in there somewhere. We love this idea from Pinterest. Go to your local DIY shop and pick up some Magnetic Paint. Then use it to paint a road onto the nursery wall – adding edging and central divides for effect. Then take a box of metal toy cars, and stick them to the wall!

4) Add soft cork flooring

Cork is a great option when it comes to child-safe flooring. It’s warm underfoot, and it’s fairly soft to the touch – making a great base to a playroom or nursery. Should your child take a tumble, the floor will be more cushioned that if it were bare floorboards or concrete. Best of all, cork is affordable – and the Iberian Cork range comes in an easy-to-lay click-together format, much like laminate.

5) Spell out their names

Whether the nursery belongs to one child or more, make it theirs by spelling out their names on the door, or on the wall. Use Scrabble Tiles in a cross-word design to spell out your children’s names. You can stick them directly to the wall or door, or you can frame and hang them for a more decorative, showcased finish.

6) Break up the pink

Decorating a girl’s nursery, but don’t want to go too heavy on the pink? Break up a pink wall with zigzagging stripes of yellow, blue and green. Not only does this help to dilute the mass of pink, but it also helps to implant these other colours into the scheme; allowing you to choose different coloured accessories and furniture more loosely.

7) Add an interesting bookcase

Encourage your children to read by introduce a cool, out-of-the-ordinary book case and stuffing it full of children’s books. We love these Tree Bookshelves from White Rabbit. They come in white, grey and pink – perfect for both boys and girls. Throw some giant beanbags in the corner of the room; creating a chill-out space where you can sit with your children and flick through a book.

8) Create a multi-gender room

If your child hasn’t been born yet, and you’re decorating ‘in the dark’ and don’t know what sex the baby will be, then choose a nice, neutral multi-gender scheme. I.e. avoid colours that suggest boy or girl. Blues are usually associated with boys, whilst pinks relate to girls. So choose neither – go for whites, greys and creams.

We hope these nursery decorating ideas have inspired you!