Is the kitchen looking a little dated? Does it need freshening up? Don't worry - I've collected together 2016's most stylish and exciting kitchen ideas and trends. They're guaranteed to spice up your kitchen this New Year! From thin work surfaces and gold accessories, through to indoor plants, mint accents and eye-catching geometrics, I'm going to show you how to bring your kitchen up to date.


Liguria splitface tiles


Open plan kitchen

Got a small, poky kitchen that backs on to a living room or dining area? Smash out those divider walls and create an open-plan kitchen! Open plan kitchens are going to be all the rage in 2016, and they are perfect for the sociable characters among you as they allow you to talk to / entertain your guests whilst you cook. Breakfast bars and islands are the call of the day.


Open plan kitchen



Some of the UK's leading designers have said that geometric patterns will continue to be prominent in the kitchen throughout 2016 - both as statement floors, and as eye-catching splashbacks behind the kitchen cooker or sink. Geometric tiles are the best way of injecting some interest into your kitchen walls and floors. The best thing about geometric tiles is that they go with both contemporary and traditional themes.


Geometric patterned floor tiles


Herringbone Splashback

Throughout 2015, the Herringbone pattern came into fruition on the floor area, as an interesting escape from a traditional plank-beside-plank design. If you're unfamiliar with a Herringbone layout, it's where rectangular shapes are interlocked in a fish spine design. In 2016, the Herringbone layout will appear much more frequently on wall spaces in the kitchen. A Herringbone splashback will help to create a focal point in your kitchen; drawing the eye of your guests as they step into the room.


Herringbone Kitchyen Splashback


Kitchen Colours for 2016 (or absence of them)

When talking about colour schemes for a 2016 kitchen, a colour that comes up a lot is white; which is odd, given that it's not a colour at all. But there you have it - white is going to be a major choice for kitchens in 2016. Why? For its connotations of freshness; and for the fact it makes any room seem larger and brighter. And with plenty of stylish white tiles to choose from (white slate splitface tiles, bevelled metro tiles, white hexagonal mosaics), white doesn't have to be boring. For more white kitchen ideas, visit our white tile collection.


Hexagon mosaic tiles kitchen splashback


Add the Midas Touch

Miss the days when silver and stainless steel accessories, handles and trimming ruled the kitchen? Well we're sorry, but they're not set to make a comeback in 2016. The year will continue to play host to warmer precious metals - brass, copper and metallic gold (and given that Dulux's Colour of the Year 2016 is Cherished Gold, we can see kitchens making way for the latter!) The below Bowl Pendant Brass Light from Idyll Home is perfect for injecting warmth.

Our Golden Midas Mosaic Tiles are perfect for injecting a shimmering, golden hue into a kitchen space this New Year:


Golden mosaic tiles


Porcelain Surfaces

Mobile phones. Back in the early nineties, they were brick-shaped bulks of metal and plastic. But after years of development, they slimmed down to the size (and almost thickness) of a playing card. Now, the same process has happened with our kitchen worktops. What started out as bulky sheets of laminate MDF or granite will, in 2016, slim down to thicknesses as little as 3mm. How? Through the introduction of porcelain work surfaces; a major kitchen trend for 2016, and one of our favourite kitchen ideas. Not only do porcelain worktops allow for a smaller, more minimalist look, but they're also more heat, flame and stain resistant than other products on the market.


Porcelain kitchen worktop


Looking for kitchen ideas that will bring the space to life? Adding texture to a kitchen wall space helps you to add interest and flavour to a room that would otherwise consist of boring, smooth, flat areas. Textures helps to shake things up a bit, and a textured surface always captures the eye of a guest! Choose a glossy textured tile and angle lighting towards it to really help to highlight its composition!


Liguria splitface tiles


The Natural Effect

Introducing the natural look into an interior area is a trend that is never going to go anywhere. Bringing stone into the home helps us feel closer to nature; thus creates calming, soothing ambience. And that's nothing new. But what's new for 2016 is the more open approach to using engineered alternatives to stone in the home. Using stone effect tiles as opposed to the real thing is a more go-to approach. Walls and Floors have hundreds of realistic stone effect designs to choose from.


Kitchen Ideas: Minty Freshness

Earlier, we touched briefly on kitchen ideas and colours for 2016. Whilst white is the most prominent scheme, 'mint' is also a predicted colour of choice, and is going to be used mostly as an accent colour to help add some colour into a plain kitchen scheme. You'll see it appear in a lot of accessories, appliances and drawer fronts. Mint tiles are also a great way of incorporating it into your kitchen revamp.


mint tiles






Copper light - Idyll Home

The rest - Walls and Floors




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