The below text was contributed by Cathy Wan of The Wan World, in aid of #DIYweek.

It's now nearing the time where the kids have a week off school. So I'm here to give you some tips and tricks on how you can all get creative together and also, work on that dream home of yours! I'm going to focus on some storage ideas for your kitchens firstly, to incorporate into your home decor.


Jars are such a versatile feature to have & many of you know from my previous blog posts, that I love getting them involved with creative ideas. They suit all styles... Whether you're looking for modern, traditional or even a twist on a vintage look. So what about these jars? You'll either have them lying around or alternatively you can get a big collection of them (which range from different shapes and sizes). Fill them up with all sorts of kitchen condiments - whether it be flour, sugar, tea bags, biscuits or cereal. Then get some transfer paper & you can print out your own little labels and you're able to choose your own font and styles. See this link for what transfer paper you can purchase.

kitchen storage jars

Another idea to get them jars put in use is to use them as vases for them beautiful spring flowers. It's such a simple but a very affective way to transform your space and also elegantly! Remember to cut the stems down and create different layers & also form a variety of heights... It'll make them stand out a lot more! Both these ideas are great to get your kids involved with too, which is a bonus!

Daffodils in jar


This little idea is great for everyone. You can create your own feature wall and use it as a blackboard! By doing this, it's multifunctional and can be used so the kids can be creative. Leave notes and reminders for yourself and others. Do your shopping lists & also to create your weekly menu of dinners! Which is great, if you're organised. You can buy blackboard sheets from Amazon and they are really easy to put onto your wall! Another great thing about these blackboard sheets, is that you can also create your labels out of them too (for the idea above)

Chalk board in kitchen

Storage for your kitchens

If you're one to have everything neat and tidy or are in hope that you can have a tidier kitchen work surface then this one is for you & not just this, it can be catered to the theme of your kitchen. What am I talking about? I'm talking about storage trays. They can be wooden ones or plastic ones... But they point is, is these trays can be left on your work surface and be filled with them jars or chopping boards and even the washing up liquid & sponges by the sink. You can decide upon the different sizes depending on what they need to contain.

Happy Reading
Happy Half-Term & DIY Week.
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