Kitchen Tile Ideas For 2020 – Latest Tiling Trends

The kitchen is a busy functional space, which we use on a daily basis, and most of our guests are likely to see with each visit. That’s why it’s important to keep it looking good. If it’s high time your kitchen had a makeover, then here are some kitchen tile ideas you might like to introduce.


Vintage patterns



It’s perhaps the fast-paced, digitalised state of the modern world that makes so many of us long for all things vintage. Heading through 2020, the idea of creating a vintage or period look in the home remains a popular trend. Encaustic styled pattern tiles help you to create your own wholesome slice of yesteryear. Above, our Classico Fleur Silver Pattern Tiles have been used to piece together a pretty vintage kitchen splashback!



The return of pink



Much loved back in the fifties, a particular colour has made a huge resurgence in the last twelve months, and it will continue to be a prominent palette heading through 2020 and beyond! The colour in question? It’s pink! This gentle tone will be transforming walls and floors across the land. Above, our Pink Smooth Metro Tiles have been used to create a block herringbone look.



Interesting shapes



Whilst square, rectangular and hexagonal tiles are as popular as ever throughout 2020, the year will see lots of homeowners and interior designers welcoming more unique and interesting shapes into their projects! One increasingly popular shape is the fish scale, which you’ll find in our Achilles Fish Scale Tiles collection. Sometimes known as scallop tiles, they have an eye-catching overlapping design, with somewhat of a Gatsby look.






Traditional terrazzo flooring consist of small chips of natural stone embedded into concrete – and sometimes given a glaze. This creates a characterful speckled look. Terrazzo remains a big flooring trend throughout 2020, on account of its unique appearance. True terrazzo tiles are quite expensive, but you can capture the look in your kitchen with our terrazzo effect tiles.



Square is back



The world of wall tiling has certainly given way to rectangular tiles and larger format tiles over the last decade. But now, smaller compact square tiles are back! Perfect for creating that ‘gridded’ look, square tiling in 2020 is all about contrasting grout lines! Our Marvel Tiles collection has dozens of colours to choose from, in matt and gloss finishes.



Experimenting with layouts



A big tiling trend throughout 2020 is going to be the idea experimenting with different layouts, and breaking the mould. Rectangular tiles, such as metro tiles, are often used in a brick-bond format – but there are actually a multitude of different ways they can be fixed including herringbone, block herringbone, and vertical – where the tiles are stacked upright in columns – which can be seen above, where our Living Coral Craquelure Tiles have been used.


There you have it – kitchen tile ideas for 2020!