Daylight is a precious thing. At least, it is when you work 9-5 Monday to Friday. When you wake up in the morning, you're busy getting dressed and commuting to work. When you get home in the evening, the sun has long since sunken behind the horizon, and it's dark outside. The only daylight you get to enjoy is at the weekends. We here at Walls and Floors know how badly you want to get your homes decorated, in time for your festive guests. We all dream of having a stylish new interior, in time for Christmas. But we don't really want to sacrifice our weekends - the only time we get to see the light of day. The solution? #LateNightDecorate.


You've heard of late night shopping. This is the same principle; decorate in the evenings, once you get in from work. Get all the grafting done throughout November, and you'll have a shiny new kitchen, bathroom, dining room or living area to show off when your Christmassy guests start flocking round in December.


DIY Tiling: A helping hand from Walls and Floors

If you're getting hands on this November, and you're taking part in #LateNightDecorate, you may need a little bit of help when it comes to doing the tiling. We've put together a series of helpful How To Tile videos. These simple step-by-step tutorials cover everything from How To Tile A Kitchen or Bathroom, through to How To Cut Natural Stone, through to How To Waterproof A Shower. If it's your first time undetaking a tiling project, we highly recommend giving them a watch. They're full of handy tips and pointers, and should really help out during your project!


If you have any queries regarding tiling or decorating, let us know, and we'll answer it! Whether it's tips for decorating a L-shaped room, tips for making a small room look bigger, or what grout you should use with a certain tile. We have a team of extremely knowledgeable staff, with hundreds of hours of tiling and decorating knowledge between them.




Win back the cost of your tiles

Make sure you remember to take a pic before you start to decorate, so you can enter our #DeckTheHalls with Walls and Floors competition! Submit a before and after pic of your tiling project to by December 22nd for you chance to win back the cost of your tiles! We'll look through all the entries and pick our favourite transformation. We'll announce the winner on December 25th - Christmas Day - as a little present from Walls and Floors! You can use the extra money to buy some home furnishings.





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