Louisa Charlotte: Style Spy – Nostalgic Luxe

For this theme I took my inspiration from my travels to Edinburgh. I recently visited a botanical cocktail lounge called ‘Copper Blossom’. Quaint and elegant in style this chic environment welcomed me with an organic vintage charm; Soft pastel hues combined with decorative floral motifs were used across all surfaces creating a perpetual, replenishing ambience. However, upon wandering into the restrooms I was taken away by a complete change in theme and colour; a matte black and white theme awaited in the form of an amazing geometric / zentangle style floor, reminiscent of ‘ Zia Tiles’ in my online collection; paired with a natural matte white painted brick work and multi sized empty silver gilt photo frames scattered across the wall, this was a winning combination. I had to recreate it with my own little twist – that clean crisp silver needed a seasoned edge and as my favourite interior style of the year is still the ever growing ‘Industrial Trend’, a little ‘distressing ’ was required. Whilst sipping my ‘Fluffy Ruffles’ in such a charismatic setting, I was left feeling a little whimsical; I felt the need to incorporate accessories that not only created a statement, but represented a hint of eccentric nostalgia amongst a fierce colour palette that had the potential to ooze with alluring textures and vivid tones. High shine is no longer required to establish luxury connotations. Matte is the new Black – Enjoy.

style complemrnts nostaglic luxe

The Theme: Nostalgic Luxe

It’s time to make a statement in your home from the moment you walk in the door, if you like individuality & charisma this is the perfect choice for you! With notes of yesteryear and affluent style choices, this extravagant theme will create instant luxury in even the smallest of spaces; a bold colour palette is applied to the latest interior trends and combined with eclectic feature accessories to provide an undeniable opulence – a perfect way to greet your guests in 2016!

The Palette

A contemporary approach on a classic monochrome palette, using matte black and white as the base of the canvas, Tarnished Silver elements are used to highlight and inject lavish connotations. This particular palette has included Russian Velvet to aid in the creation of amusement for such a refined palette.

colour palettes

Tip! Use this burst of colour to add the element of warmth & fun into an otherwise cool, sophisticated palette!

On the wall 

Old Millhouse Weathered White Brick Effect Tiles

brick effect wall tiles

On the floor 

Zia Desultory Floor Tiles

zia floor tiles

Statement Styling

To achieve the full potential of Nostalgic Luxe, glamour plays a key roll. Mixing rich textures and lavish objects within your eclectic choices is a must. A slightly distressed approach on ‘Tarnished Silver’ items works best to enhance the industrial up-cycle approach that was initiated via the chosen wall tiles, where as the Black and White Tiffany Lamp and Antique Telephone add playful elements of charm while complimenting the floor tiles. The plush crushed velvet texture found in the vibrant ‘Russian Velvet’ chair not only locks in both beauty and charisma, but the pop of vivid purple makes the theme work cohesively.

style accessories

Interior Tip! A large mirror will help add the illusion of space to any entrance hall – the bigger the better!

1. Vintage Heart Wall Light – Wayfair £319.99,
2. Jamestown Grape Velvet Armchair – Capital Dinning Chairs £330.00,
3. Tiffany French Silver Leaf Side Table – Alexander & Pearl £375.00,
4. Silver Antique Garland II Mirror – Novica £160.00,
5.Tiffany White Scale Pattern Glass Lamp – Beautiful Halo £34.58,
6. Antique Porcelain Telephone – Ebay £48.00,

I hope you’ve been inspired by this scheme! I’ll be back soon with another Style Spy instalment.

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