Been a while since you last decorated your interiors? Is your decor looking a little dated? Time for a change? It can be daunting, when you're looking through the up-market chains, and you look at some of the prices. You can feel like that dressed-to-the-teeth interior you've been dreaming off is miles away - a fantasy. Well, as always, we're here to help. We've put together a guide for creating a statement look in one of your rooms, without having to break the bank.




Tiles: An Affordable Decorating Solution

When it comes to giving floors some TLC, or walls a bit of a makeover, tiles aren't always the first thing that spring to mind - particularly when we're talking about a living room, dining area, or bedroom. But, in reality, tiles are just as easy to install as laminate, carpet or wallpaper - they last a lot longer, they're more robust, and they're easily wiped clean. They can also add value to your home. So tiles are a realistic option when you're decorating any room in the home.

Long gone are the days when tiles were cold, white, square things you put on your bathroom wall. The technology has come on leaps and bounds - allowing us to produce stunning resemblances of stone and wood. There are different sizes, different colours, different textures, different finishes. A world of different looks and different styles. So be different in 2015, and choose tiles!




Statement Floor Tiles: A 2015 Design Trend

Another prominent decorating trend this year is the use of Statement Floor Tiles. What is a statement floor? Well, similar to a feature wall, it's a powerful focal point created on a floor area - designed to steal the attention of your guests, and to give the room all it's vigour and character. If your walls are plain, then a statement floor could be all you need to transform the look and feel of a room. From patterns through to parquet; Moroccan through to mosaics, there are dozens of stylish statement floor tiles to choose from. Let us take you through a few of them.


Mix and match

One take on a statement floor design is the idea of mish-mashing different patterns; creating a varied, patchwork design. These mix and match designs dare to be different, and pay off when in place on your floor. They add a unique, definitive appearance. Here, our Zeinah Tiles are used. They also appear at the top of this blog, in a bathroom setting! They're just






Parquet effect: A touch of wood!

Statement tiles aren't all about Moroccan patterns. They come in wood effect form, too! A parquet feature flooring consists of wooden blocks arranged in a striking geometric pattern. And that's the effect our Archaic Painted Wood Effect Tiles create. They're faded in colour; as if old, and discoloured by the sun. A mix of warm browns and pale blues. They'll add both charm and character to your floor spaces.




Fabrics, Furniture and Accessories: Enforcing the Statement Look for Less

Once tiled, if you want to change the look of your room quickly and inexpensively, look at the accessories in your room. They can easily be swapped for others, without much cost. One thing to consider swapping is your curtains. To help staple your new statement look into your room, you can take down the old plain curtains, and put in their place something with a bit more panache. Blinds are a modern alternative, and the fabrics come in all sorts of different patterns and designs.

If you're decorating your bedroom, an obvious fabric to try changing would be your bed sheet. It takes up a vast about of visual space - so it's the perfect canvas to try enforcing your new statement look. Bed sheets can be very affordable and, again, they come in a manner of different patterns and designs.

Where would a room be without a table lamp? They're perfect for casting a calm, moody light in the evenings - when the ceiling light is just too bright. They're also a great way to help create a statement look in your home. This glass table lamp from Dunelm is less than £30! Note the vintage glass perfume bottle standing beside in - a fine accompanying touch.




Add some vintage Downton chic to your home by introducing a patterned jewellery box. Perfect for stowing away any table-top clutter. Hair bands, watches, etc. Also from Dunelm, and just £7.99!




Style on a Shoestring: The Essentials

Not taken by our statement floor tiles? Allow us to introduce you to our Essential Collection. We understand that times are hard, and the purse strings are tight. But we also know you want a lot of bang for your buck. That's why we've putting together our essentials range - proving that you don't need to compromise style for price. This collection of simple, affordable tiling solutions will help you to revive and rescue those lacking interiors.


Marble is a big interior trend in 2015. Often considered the most regal of stones, its blended, vein-riddled design will add charm and character to any floor space. These Purity Marble Effect Tiles are part of our Essential Collection, at a budget price - £13.95 per Sqm.




Remember what we said about tiles having various different textures and effects? Well these Strata Tiles are living proof. Arranged into thin, stone-effect slats, they have a downward sloping waterfall effect - perfect for bringing a wall space to life. Again, they're more affordable than you might think, at just £29.45 per Sqm.




Our most popular floor tile is a little slate effect number. It's perfect for inviting the sought-after natural effect into an interior setting. In case you weren't aware, a major interior design trend this year is the theme of inviting raw, naturalistic materials into your home. The reason for doing so? To feel closer to nature - to help you feel at ease. So these Slateface Tiles are exactly what the doctor ordered, at a cool £9.95 per Sqm.




Now we arrive at the star of the Essential Collection. The Retro Metro Tile. Brick-shaped Metro Tiles are all the rage in the world of decorating and interior design. They offer a charming vintage effect. They're small, compact, and easy to install. They have a bevelled edge - helping to bring a defined look to a wall space. And, best of all, they're incredibly cheap, at just £9.95 per Sqm.




So there you have it - a guide for creating a stylish new look in your home on a shoestring budget.



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